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It Follows: Heartfelt Horror Mines the Past for Something New

David Robert Mitchell’s throwback horror film It Follows is surprisingly fresh. And creepy.

Passing on the curse is a time-honoured horror tradition. Through an innocent act, the victim unwittingly brings a malevolent force down on themselves. The only chance for salvation is to make someone else the next target. That’s the plot for The Ring (2002) and its Asian originators, and it stretches back to Jacques Tourneur’s occult Night of the Demon (1957), which in turn takes literary inspiration from M.R. James’s short story Casting the Runes. (The Stephen King/Richard Bachman classic Thinner is another haunting example.) With his new film It Follows (2014) at this year’s TIFF, American indie filmmaker David Robert Mitchell turns the conceit to a sexually transmitted serial haunting. He takes that idea and runs with it, or rather, walks very… creepily… slowly. Now take a look around. We don’t have much time. But you need to know this.

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31 Days Of Horror: Something Sinister…

A good horror movie is hard to find these days and Sinister is no exception. From the producer of please-let-it-end Paranormal Activity this fright fest was not all bad but it was almost more frustrating seeing what potential it had and watching it fall on its face. Check out the trailer below and then hit the jump for my review!

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31 Days of Horror – Jaws Gets Remastered On Blu-ray

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

In August 2012, Universal released a fully re-mastered Blu-ray version of the classic thriller Jaws, complete with an overhauled score and visuals. Fittingly enough for Halloween, the aquatic classic has its fair share of scares (see what I did there?), and obviously deserved a nod in out 31 Days of Horror extravaganza.

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Saturday at the Movies: Chernobyl Diaries

Chernobyl Diaries is the latest “found footage” style horror flick to hit the big screen. Released this week to theatres, it stars a cast not worth mentioning led by director Bradley Parker in a significantly forgettable debut. The only notable name in the movie is Oren Peli, the screenwriter behind the Paranormal Activity Movies – and from watching the flick, it’s painfully clear that this movie was sold based on Peli’s previous efforts.

chernobyl diariesChernobyl Diaries tells the predictable story of a group of young American tourists who, desperate for adventure, place their trust in a foreign adventure tour guide who offers to take them to Pripyat. Pripyat gained notoriety when it was flagged as a ‘safe’ zone near the Chernobyl reactor; tourists began to come in just to see the town’s state of abandonment, since being evacuated suddenly during the disaster.

The allure of seeing this authentically creepy historical artifact sucked me in to this movie just as the hapless victims are sucked in to the contrived plot. I’ll keep the spoilers to a minimum but really, I think you already know exactly how Chernobyl Diaries plays out.

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