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31 Days of Horror 2017: Willard and Ben



Rats are terrifying, of that there is no doubt.  Just the sight of one at a store or restaurant will cause us to never visit the establishment again, and heaven forbid we see one in our home!  Now imagine them organized, and turned against us.  Brrrr… yeah, really scary.  That was the theme of two frightening films of the early 1970s.  Meet me after the jump for my 31 Days of Horror reviews of Willard and Ben!

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The Exorcist S01 E06: “Star of the Morning”


Last week’s episode of The Exorcist dropped a bombshell on fans when it was revealed that Angela Rance is Regan MacNeil. The demon that possessed her all those years ago is now after her daughter Casey, who has gone missing. What happened this week?

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By the Book: Carrie

by-the-bookNovember 3rd marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Brian DePalma’s instant classic Carrie.  Based off Stephen King’s first published novel, the movie got a forgettable sequel (The Rage: Carrie 2) in 1999, an even more forgettable straight-to-tv remake in 2002, and finally it’s own gritty reboot in 2013.  How do original novel and original movie compare?  And does the 2013 reboot hold up to either?  Find out after the break…(and yes, there will be spoilers for the 43 year old book and 40 year old movie).

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“Welcome Back” Star-Lord; We Hardly Missed You, on this week’s Guardians of the Galaxy


Finally the quest for the Cosmic Seed leads the animated Guardians of the Galaxy to Earth. With Korath in pursuit, can Earth withstand this alien invasion? Find out after the jump in my review of this Star-Lord-centric episode, “Welcome Back.”

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Trailer Time – Independence Day: Resurgence


It has been twenty years since the aliens first invaded and devastated the Earth in Independence Day. We have learned since then, we have prepared… but so have they… Meet me after the jump for the new trailer to one of the more anticipated sequels of the summer, Independence Day: Resurgence

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First Look at the New Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Netflix is a force of nature of late when it comes to television entertainment streaming. Whether it’s current projects like “Daredevil,” “Fuller House,” and “House of Cards,” or older series like “Jessica Jones,” “Making a Murderer,” and “Orange is the New Black,” Netflix is where it’s at. Meet me after the jump for First Look images of the return of television favorite “Gilmore Girls” coming just before Christmas this year! Check them out after the jump.

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Marie Gilbert’s Review of 10 Cloverfield Lane


I never got to see the first Cloverfield film in the Cloverfield franchise, but I’m not a big fan of “found footage” types of film; they give me motion sickness. That said I was excited to see the sequel, 10 Cloverfield Lane, which J.J. Abrams is quoted as saying is a spiritual successor. Did the second film live up to the hype? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Marie Gilbert’s Review of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2


I come from a huge Italian family. We are loud, animated, rowdy and generous to a fault, so I really enjoyed the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding which was released in 2002 because it was comforting to know that crazy didn’t just run amok in our family. When my friend asked me to join her on Friday for dinner and a movie, I was excited to see if the sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was just as good as the original. Do sequels ever disappoint us? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Trailer Time: Ghostbusters 2016


Who you gonna call? Yeah, it’s that time. The trailer for the new Ghostbusters film reboot is live, and we’ve got it after the jump, check it out!

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Gobbledygeek: Podcast for the Recently Deceased


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents Gobbledygeek featuring hosts Paul Smith and AJ Wiley and focusing on a variety of entertainment subjects, with our hosts and special guests frequently discussing films, comics, and television.

This week, Paul and Aj are joined by special guest Joseph Lewis for this Gobbledyween discussion of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. See and hear more after the jump.

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