The Week In Horror: The Ranger, Mandy, Happy Birthday To Me

Tim Murr shares his thoughts on Halloween, plus gives us news on a Canadian horror classic making its way to Blu-ray.

TIFF 2018: The Midnight Madness Lineup Is Revealed!

The reveal of the TIFF Midnight Madness lineup, that dark corner of bloody and weird fare, hand-selected by programmer Peter Kuplowsky, is like Christmas to me.

The Week In Horror: Toy Fair ’18, Halloween, Serpent and the Rainbow, Predator

Horror toys should be making a bloody splash at Toy Fair 2018.

Saturday At The Movie: This Is The End

Seth Rogen and long time writing partner, Evan Goldberg are out to tickle your funny bone before you settle in for Man Of Steel with their directorial debut. In all … Continue reading Saturday At The Movie: This Is The End