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The week in horror: The Strangers, Hotel Transylvania + more

Get ready for a trio of spooky-centric trailers, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.

The Strangers: Pray at Night trailer arrives

It’s been nearly a decade since the first Strangers films scared up critical raves and solid box office. Finally, a sequel is due out March 9th, 2018. The first trailer arrived this week, which you can see below. The film is described as follows:

A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive.

Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage trailer isn’t monkeying around

I spent hours and hours playing Rampage on my SEGA Master System as a kid, even though the whole endeavour of destroying buildings and eating people was pretty darn repetitive. But fun! And that’s what the trailer for the film adaptation looks like its going for. Is it horror? Who’s to say? Rampage hits theaters April 20oth, 2018.

Drac goes on vacation in Hotel Transylvania 3

The Princess and I love the Hotel Transylvania films, with the first one being a classic in our house. This summer, Dracula, Mavis and company are setting sail and heading out of their comfort zone in Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation. Check out the trailer below. The film is out July 13th, 2018.


The Week in Horror – Day of the Dead: Bloodlines, mother! + more

Day of the Dead: Bloodlines come to VOD, mother! gets a Blu-ray release date, and more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror!

_MAN3208.nefOfficial release details for Day of the Dead: Bloodlines

This week, more details emerged regarding the new reimagining of George A. Romero’s classic Day of the Dead (the less said about the Mena Suvari take, the better). “Day of the Dead: Bloodline is set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled world where a former med school student is tormented by a dark figure from her past. The only thing is, he’s a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her world.” The film, directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens and written by Mark Tonderai & Lars Jacobson based on the motion picture “Day of the Dead” by George A. Romero, will be released on VOD, theaters and Digital HD on January 5th, 2018.
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31 Days of Horror presents the week in horror: Hellboy, Twin Peaks + more

Hell comes to the DC universe, details on Twin Peaks on Blu-ray, and more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.

Hellboy comes to Injustice 2

This week, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment  revealed the first-ever gameplay trailer for Hellboy, Mike Mignola’s iconic Dark Horse comic book character and the final Fighter Pack #2 character to be added to the Injustice 2 roster. Beginning November 14, players who have purchased the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition, Injustice 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack or Fighter Pack #2 will be able to play as the member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense who has made monster disposal his specialty by using his trusty revolver and his Right Hand of Doom.

The Hellboy DLC will be available to all players and for purchase separately on November 21.

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31 Days of Horror presents The Week In Horror: The Walking Dead, 1922 + more

Get a taste of The Walking Dead, discover who wrote the score for 1922, and more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.

Watch the first 3 minutes of The Walking Dead

The wait is over. The new season of The Walking Dead premieres TONIGHT, but we’ve got the first three minutes ready for your eyes right now. Check out the video:

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31 Days of Horror presents The Week In Horror: Halloween, Friday the 13th + more

Friday the 13th actually brings Jason back to life, Stranger Things comes to Blu-ray, and lots more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror

Friday the 13th fan film released

Fan films can either be really good or, you know, not so much, but after nearly a decade of no Jason Voorhees in cinemas, fans have been anxious for any sort of return. This past Friday the 13th not only saw the release of the previously digital-only Friday the 13th video game on multiple platforms, but a new fan film started making the rounds, gaining lots of kudos and support. You can watch Never Hike Alone below:

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The week in horror: Spawn lives, Mayhem trailer + more

Spawn gets a start date, Mayhem gets a trailer, and more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn starts filming in February

A new Spawn film is due to start filming this February under the direction of original creator Todd McFarlane, who also wrote the script. The film, to be produced by Blumhouse, will be a hard-R horror venture with a budget of just $10 million.

In a discussion at New York Comic Con, McFarlane addressed a fans question about his lack of directing pedigree, stating, “I didn’t use to draw comic books and I drew comic books and I won awards. I don’t know how to read music and I have a Grammy Award. I’m spending my own money so who cares if it doesn’t work out. It’s a $10 million budget movie, and (a studio) would just get a 22-year-old punk director. I just want to be the old punk directing it.”

Trailer for Mayhem arrives

The trailer for the new film Mayhem dropped this week. Starring Steven Yuen, Samara Weaving, and Steven Breand, and is directed by Joe Lynch. In Mayhem:

Derek Cho (Steven Yeun) is having a really bad day. After being unjustly fired from his job, he discovers that the law firm’s building is under quarantine for a mysterious and dangerous virus. Chaos erupts throughout the office as the victims of the disease begin acting out their wildest impulses. Joining forces with a former client (Samara Weaving) who has a grudge of her own, Derek savagely fights tooth and nail to get to the executives on the top floor and settle the score once and for all.

Mayhem is out on VOD, Digital HD and in theatres November 10th.

Real Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 Playmobile figures coming

This year for her birthday, my Little Princess received a while bunch of Playmobile Ghostbusters sets and figure. This week at New York Comic Con, it was revealed that Playmobile will now be releasing sets for the classic Real Ghostbusters tv series and Ghostbusters 2 film. You can check out an image below, courtesy of


The week in horror: 31 Days of Horror returns, The Mummy video game + more

A Biff Bam Pop tradition returns, a busy week for Stephen King, and lots more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.

Biff Bam Pop! announces the return of 31 Days of Horror

As is our custom every October, today Biff Bam Pop! is proud to launch the 2017 edition of 31 Days of Horror. Over the course of the month, we’ll have features on great horror films, books, music and much more, as we celebrate the season of screams. Look for guests along with the awesome roster of genre lovers of BBP recommending and reminiscing about their favourite frights via 31 Days of Horror.

Gerald’s Game debuts on Netflix

This past Friday saw the Netflix debut of Gerald’s Game, the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel from director Mike Flanagan. The film has received rave reviews across the board, currently sitting at 89% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, with King himself saying Gerald’s Game is “hypnotic, horrifying and terrific.“

Stephen King and Owen King release Sleeeping Beauties

It was a busy week for King, as this past Tuesday saw the release of Sleeping Beauties, a collaboration with his son Owen King. The Kings are currently on a book tour that brings them to Toronto’s Koerner Hall this Thursday for a sold-out speaking engagement. Sleeping Beauties takes place in the Appalachian town of Dooling, as women there, and around the world, of all ages are falling asleep after being encased in cocoons. The book is published by Simon and Schuster.

Trailer for Polaroid drops

A trailer for the upcoming film Polaroid was released this week:

From the producers of the The Ring and The Grudge and based on the award-winning short by Lars Klevberg, comes the next iconic and bold new vision in horror: Polaroid. High school loner Bird Fitcher has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the mysterious Polaroid vintage camera she stumbles upon, but it doesn’t take long to discover that those who have their picture taken meet a tragic end.

Polaroid stars Mitch Pileggi, Kathryn Prescott, Grace Zabriskie and Madeleine Petsch, and will be out December 1st.

The Mummy gets a 16-bit video game

Well, nobody was asking for it, but later this year Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam users are getting a 16-but game based on The Mummy. It’s doubtful you’ll see a Tom Cruise likeness in this one. According to the log line:

A powerful ancient evil has arisen, and the war to save humanity has begun! The Mummy Demastered throws you into a 16-bit-inspired battle against the undead in a 2D, nonlinear, action-packed adventure. As an elite agent in the monster-hunting Prodigium organization, you must use a variety of weapons, upgrades, and mysterious artifacts to defend mankind against the supernatural hordes of Princess Ahmanet.

Your Prodigium unit is already on the scene, but HQ lost contact with them hours ago. Only by exploring tombs, forests, abandoned tunnels, and the cursed streets of London will you discover the fate of your allies. But beware – Ahmanet commands legions of undead, insects, plague-ridden vermin, and worse! If you’re not careful, you’ll be the next soul in her army.


The week in horror: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Exorcist + more

Sabrina comes to the CW, The Exorcist returns, and more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming to the CW

A press release went out this week announcing that Riverdale would be getting a sister show in the form of a classic witch:

Get ready for an intense look into the world of magic and witchcraft with THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, a new one-hour dark drama/horror project based on the classic Archie Comics character. The new project is eyed to debut in The CW’s 2018-19 television season as a companion to RIVERDALE.

The new show will be written by Archie Comics Chief Creative Officer and RIVERDALE Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, directed by Lee Toland Krieger, and produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Brothers Studios. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schecter, Jon Goldwater, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lee Toland Krieger serve as executive producers.

SABRINA will draw from the critically acclaimed CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA comic book series from Archie Comics written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Robert Hack, detailing the compelling and shocking re-imagining of Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s occult origins. This dark coming-of-age story deals with horror, the occult, and witchcraft and will see Sabrina struggle to reconcile her dual nature of being half-witch and half-mortal while protecting her family and the world from the forces of evil.

Casting and additional news on the new series will be revealed in the months to come.

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The week in horror: Jamie Lee Curtis, Leatherface + more

An iconic actress returns to an iconic role, playable Leatherface, and more, as we look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.


Jamie Lee Curtis joins the cast of Halloween

Mark October 19th, 2018 down in your calendar. That’s when Blumhouse’s Halloween arrives in theatres, featuring a script from Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green, and starring the one and only Jamie Lee Curtis, who revealed in a tweet that she’d be returning to Haddonfield and her iconic role as Laurie Strode.

Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues. 40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween,”

The new Halloween film will allegedly pick up after the first two films. John Carpenter is rumoured to be providing the score.

Leatherface joins the killer line-up in Dead By Daylight Read the rest of this entry

The week in horror: ‘Day of the Dead’, ‘The Houses October Built’ + more

Another Day of the Dead remake is coming your way, Gerald’s Game gets a trailer, and more, as I look at some of the biggest stories from the week in horror.


Day of the Dead remake set for 2017

Another remake of Day of the Dead is coming to horror fans (the Mena Suvari-starring one is best left forgotten). According to Bloody-Disgusting, Day of the Dead: Bloodline will be released later this year by Saban Films, which has acquired the rights to the Millenium Films release. In Day of the Dead: Bloodline, ” a former medical student is tormented by a dark figure from her past, who happens to be a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her.” Read the rest of this entry

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