The Week In Horror: Toy Fair ’18, Halloween, Serpent and the Rainbow, Predator

Toy Fair 2018 is on this week and there’s been a number of exciting announcements for kids and collectors, but for horror fans, NECA has added two figures to their retro line of Mego style figures: Captain Blake from John Carpenter’s The Fog and Herbert West from Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator. Amok Time toys had announced a small line of Re-Animator figures a few years ago in a six-inch line, but the only one that ever came out was a four-inch Herbert that came with Dr Hill’s severed head. It’s a great figure, perfect for experimenting on GI Joes captured by Cobra for unethical bio-medical practices, but in this day and age of high quality, detailed collectibles, it was disappointing not to get a larger, more detailed version.

NECA’s retro line has had a number of great figures, with amazing head sculpts and an array of accessories. My Friday the 13th Jason is one of the jewels of my horror collection. The NECA West figure beautifully captures Jeffery Combs’ likeness and comes with some gruesome accessories. Captain Blake is an even bigger surprise, especially since NECA tends to avoid things that are too niche because it can be a financial gamble. After saying no to figures from The Thing, getting a ghost pirate zombie from The Fog is out of left field and looks equally amazing.

The countdown to Halloween and Halloween begins as Jamie Lee Curtis has completed filming her scenes for the upcoming David Gordon Green/Danny McBride direct follow up to the original John Carpenter classic, which drops this October. According to Curtis, “it’s terrifying.”

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Wes Craven’s voodoo classic, The Serpent and the Rainbow. For my money, it’s Craven’s best film. As much as I love A Nightmare on Elm Street or The Hills Have Eyes, Serpent is just scarier (partly because its based on an actual investigation into voodoo practices by Wade Davis), more exotic, surprising, and beautiful. Scream Factory has a collector’s edition Blu-ray available at their website, highly recommended.

Excited about Shane Black’s upcoming Predator sequel?  Well, it’s been pushed back from August to September, which isn’t as extreme as the New Mutants getting pushed back nine frigging months, but still, doesn’t it feel like we’ve been waiting a while for a new Predator film?

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