The Week In Horror: Halloween, The Predator, Hereditary

What a week! I’m sure most of you are wishing October was already here, I certainly am. Without a doubt, an old friend of ours dominated the week.


Blumhouse FINALLY released the trailer for their upcoming Halloween film and dear Loomis, was it worth the wait! Yes, I’m still a little irked they’re ignoring all the sequels, but at the same time, I saw nothing in that trailer I didn’t love. How long has it been since fans were collectively excited about a new Halloween film? Hopefully, with it’s assured success, a new Friday the 13th will finally get rolling (Mr Miller, Mr Cunningham…work it out!). Anyway, if you’ve been lost at sea or in the wilderness since Friday (or you’re like me and you want to just keep watching the trailer) here it is…

Also this week, and perhaps overshadowed by Halloween, the second trailer for The Predator dropped. Our own Andy Burns covered that HERE. I was sold as soon as I heard Shane Black and Fred Dekker were on it and I dug the first teaser, but this new trailer it pure bad assery.

Hereditary opened this week and fan and critical reaction seems mostly positive. It seems like a truly scary experience and I can’t wait to see it, but what really sold me was this Tweet from this morning, from Ariana Lenarsky, “Toni Collette is like if Shelley Duvall realized she could kill Stanley Kubrick.” Sold.

In casting news, IT Chapter 2 has it’s Mike Hanlon! On a horse! Isaaiah Mustapha has rounded out the adult cast of the Losers Club for next years finale to the new IT adaptation. You might know Mustapha best from his funny Old Spice commercials…

Oh, how about that Suspiria trailer??? I’m all in, kids. I think it will be one of the biggest surprises of the year. And for purists; the original will never go away. It’s going to be ok.

Week In Recommendations

Ok, this one might be a little difficult to track down, and there are three different versions, but its worth it! In 1997, director Alex de la Iglesia released an unofficial sequel to David Lynch’s Wild at Heart (both films are based on books by Barry Gifford and there the connection isn’t unofficial) called Perdita Durango aka Dance With The Devil (based on the novel 59 Degrees and Raining).  Perdita Durango was a minor character in Wild At Heart and was played by Isabella Rosellini. In Perdita she is portrayed by Rosie Perez in full Tura Satana mode. This is my favorite role Perez has ever played. It also stars Javier Bardem as Romeo, a voodoo priest/bank robber, who runs a voodoo temple in Mexico with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (!!!!!!). Perdita and Romeo fall for each other and decide to kidnap a couple of American teenagers with plans to sacrifice them and eat their flesh. But they’re being hunting by an American FBI agent played by James Gandolfini (who’s partner is played by director Alex Cox, who made Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, and Straight To Hell). The film is a visual roller coaster ride, to say the least, and truly a great double feature with Wild at Heart. There are so many twists and turns and great performances. The down side, is the film isn’t easy to get and you have to make sure you get the right version. I got my hands on the American unrated cut, which runs 121 minutes and it’s great. You want to avoid the heavily cut American R rated cut which runs only 115 minutes. The best version though, is the Spanish original uncut, which runs 126 minutes, with all the sex and violence in tact.

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