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BBP! Guide To Fan Expo Canada 2017: Day 2 #FXC17

So, how did things go yesterday? Did you find what was on your Holy Grail list?

Thursdays are meant to be a sort of Fan Expo Canada scouting mission – getting the lay of the land, what the price ranges are for the goodies you want, and meeting up with some friends…some of whom you haven’t seen in a long, long time.

Remember, it’s not a race – Fan Expo Canada is a four-day marathon.

But things really start to get heated today!

Still got those comfortable shoes on? Today’s a longer day, starting at 10 AM and running until 7 PM. So, loosen up those hamstrings and follow us into the fray of Friday’s Day 2!

Here are some of the things Biff Bam Pop! thinks you need to experience today!

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BBP! Guide To Fan Expo Canada 2017: Preview #FXC17

There’s a well-known, partly tongue-in-cheek saying, that every Torontonian knows: The City of Toronto sees two seasons – winter and construction.

With the gut-bursting pop culture excitement of this coming long weekend, I’m wondering if we can’t add a third season into the mix, even if it is a relatively short one! Canada’s largest and most anticipated pop culture experience that ranges from comic books to movies and television to anime to gaming to toys…and so much more… is finally back!

Fan Expo Canada 2017 is here!

After waiting through twelve months of winter and construction, the most eye-popping weekend of the year begins on Thursday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and runs through Sunday afternoon. And, of course, Biff Bam Pop! will be there!

Here, then, is our prelude to all the sights, sounds, symposiums, breakout sessions, photo-ops and merchandise you need to experience over the coming four days…

With an expectation of over 129,000 people in attendance this year, make sure you hydrate, wear comfy shoes, and follow us around the pop culture floor of Fan Expo Canada 2017!

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#Kirby100: BBP! Celebrates The King Jack Kirby All Summer Long

Jack Kirby.

His artistry was, and remains, so innovative and influential in the comic book zeitgeist that the industry named awards after him. Heck, they even named a visual image after him: the affectionately known, “Kirby Krackle.”

How pervasive is writer and artist Jack Kirby in pop culture?

You can scan the litany of comic book characters that the man created or co-created and you’d be certain to find dozens that are your favourites. From the globally renowned Captain America, Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men series of characters, to the populace’s burgeoning awareness of Darkseid and Black Panther, to the more niche creations of Kamandi, Etrigan the Demon and Destroyer Duck. With Kirby, the list of great characters goes on and on and on.

Without him, pop culture and comic books wouldn’t be at all what we know it to be today.

This August marks the 100th birthday of Jack Kirby and we here at Biff Bam Pop! mean to celebrate that auspicious centennial with a plethora of written accolades all summer long!

This is your cordial invitation to our #Kirby100 party!

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BBP! Previews: Fan Expo Canada 2016

Fan Expo CanadaIf you live in and around the Toronto area, or enjoy travelling to the city, there are two certainties that the summer is very nearly over:

The Canadian National Exhibition opens its doors for two weeks and pop culture fans everywhere lose sleep in anticipation for the annual extravaganza that is Fan Expo Canada!

Celebrating its 22nd year, this year’s version of Fan Expo Canada looks to be the biggest and greatest one yet – and that’s truly saying something! Currently the third largest pop culture event in North America, the ever-growing 4-day celebration aims to host over 140,000 convention goers ambling through a sprawling 750,000 square feet of floor space at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, chock full of pop culture exhibitors, symposiums, industry talks, fans and stars!

That’s right.

Comic books. Movies. Television. Sci fi. Horror. Gaming. Anime. Art. Crafts. Costumes. And much, much more. Toronto comes alive with pop culture this coming weekend, and we here at Biff Bam Pop! couldn’t be happier!

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to between Thursday, September 1 and Sunday, September 4. Come on out and join us in pop culture nirvana – it’s just one more sleep away!

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Great T-Shirts & Sundry

threadlessWe’re well into the second week of December, so if you’re looking to order something online, now’s the time to do it, lest the mailman, through rain, sleet and probably falling snow, doesn’t deliver on time. I mean, if you’re like me, you need time – lots so time – to wrap. Not because there are so many gifts to package, but because the holiday paper and the tape never seem to want to co-operate!

One gift that I like to give every year to a select group of pop culture pals, is the gift of great, cool t-shirts.

Follow me after the jump for a few websites that I like to frequent and items of apparel and sundry for that pop culture lover in your life!

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February Faves: JP Fallavollita’s Favourite Pop–Culture Massacres

Biff Bam Pop’s catalogue of “February Faves” continues, but how could someone have a favourite massacre?

I mean, unless you’re talking about last night’s hasty finishing of a scrumptious double burger with apple-smoked bacon and Gruyere cheese, a “massacre” signifies human death – and lots of it! A tragedy, surely! Who could possibly enjoy death so much that they’d actually have it listed in their mind as something…enjoyable?

In the world of pop culture, with stories in various mediums depicting heroes and revenge and redemption, (whoa! We might be talking Joseph Campbell here!), massacres of the deathly variety hold an honorable position. It’s through massacres and great human loss that our emotions are elevated to supreme heights and our heroes lifted along with them. It’s through massacres that villains are defined as well as the heavy odds facing our protagonists. It’s not that we love death. It’s that we love the storytelling possibilities that arise from it.

I present to you, then, five of my “favourite” massacres in pop culture history.

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Biff Bam Popcast – The San Diego Comic-Con Edition

THE-AMERICAN-COMIC-BOOK-CHRONICLES-THE-1980sBiff Bam Pop is heading to San Diego Comic-Con, and our illustrious panel discusses the dos and don’ts, and what they’re looking forward to.

This edition of the Popcast also features American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s, written by Keith Dallas and published by our pals at TwoMorrows Publishing. If you’re a fan of comic book history, you must absolutely purchase this title. It’s simply spectacular. You can order it here.

Enjoy the Popcast, and enjoy SDCC 2013!

Yo Joe! A New Biff Bam Popcast For Thursday, March 28th, 2012

It’s a brand new Biff Bam Popcast, featuring the panel of JP Fallavollita, Glenn Walker, Jason Shayer and Andy Burns. In this episode, we celebrate the history of G.I. Joe, from the original Marvel run, through the animated series of the 80’s and into the great series IDW is currently publishing. We also talk Marvel NOW!, DC comics editorial woes and much more.

GI Joe The Complete Collection

GI Joe The IDW CollectionOff the top, we also feature two gorgeous hardcover G.I. Joe compilation from IDW – The Complete Collection and The IDW Collection. Watch the popcast and check out just how awesome these titles look.

31 Days of Horror: The Exorcist

I went to church this past Sunday afternoon for the baptism of a good friend’s recently born little girl. I’ve witnessed this particular ceremony a number of times, more often these days, it seems, as friends are having children for the first time. Growing up Catholic, I’m not what you’d call a regular churchgoer but it’s a beautiful and ancient event, full of proud and loving parents, family members and, generally, wailing children.

The baptism ceremony can have different meanings for different faiths, but for Roman Catholics, it’s a sacrament that initiates an individual as a child of God. Parents speak for their children, who will later speak for themselves, at Confirmation, when older. At the various baptisms I’ve attended, the presiding priest tends to follow a set template, sometimes adding their own biblical or philosophical interests into the sermon when addressing the congregation. On Sunday, I heard something that I hadn’t heard before – certainly not at a baptismal event.

The conducting priest went to some lengths, talking about the nature of sin and evil. He mentioned the word “exorcism” and, perhaps reading the crowd, reaffirmed that it is a practice that indeed exists. “There are two things we know,” he told us. “First, that there is evil in the world and second, that it is very powerful.”

And, while sitting quietly in the pew, my mind was immediately drawn to the most frightening film I have ever had the enjoyment of watching.

Who hasn’t seen The Exorcist?

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eBook anthology to be released in the fall, featuring 13 unique horror, thriller and suspense stories, plus an intro by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry.

BiffBamPop! Loho

August 7, 2012, Toronto, ON – BIFF BAM POP! has announced a tentative September 2012 release date for the inaugural horror, thriller and suspense project, Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology. The collection will be released in eBook format with an introduction from horror icon Jonathan Maberry.

The book will include 13 “imagination altering” short stories, all sourced from the BIFF BAM POP! community of writers and readers. With the success of last year’s Biff Bam Boo comics collection, the team behind the BIFF BAM POP! culture outlet expect to find an even bigger audience with the Strange World anthology.

Featuring an introduction by multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, Strange World: A Biff Bam Pop Short Story Anthology will also include the following authors and their stories: Read the rest of this entry

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