Witness The Forging Of A Myth In “Batman: The Knight #1” On The Wednesday Run

A new series delves deep into the psychology of a young and broken Bruce Wayne – before his crime-fighting path had revealed itself!

The Heavens Pour Down Death With “Rain #1” On The Wednesday Run

Just when you think you’ve witnessed all forms of the apocalypse, menacing clouds gather and down pours a new kind of end-of-days horror!

The Week in Horror: ‘Archive 81’, ‘A Banquet’, ‘Here Before’, + more!

The first edition of The Week in Horror for 2022 has a trailer for James Wan’s new found-footage Netflix series, a new trailer and release details for Ruth Paxton’s A Banquet, a new film starring Mandy’s Andrea Riseborough, and more!

There’s More Horror Than Just War In ‘Apache Delivery Service #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Apache Delivery Service fuses a variety of genres into something wholly unique and horrifically wonderful.