BBP! Guide To Fan Expo Canada 2017: Day 2 #FXC17

So, how did things go yesterday? Did you find what was on your Holy Grail list?

Thursdays are meant to be a sort of Fan Expo Canada scouting mission – getting the lay of the land, what the price ranges are for the goodies you want, and meeting up with some friends…some of whom you haven’t seen in a long, long time.

Remember, it’s not a race – Fan Expo Canada is a four-day marathon.

But things really start to get heated today!

Still got those comfortable shoes on? Today’s a longer day, starting at 10 AM and running until 7 PM. So, loosen up those hamstrings and follow us into the fray of Friday’s Day 2!

Here are some of the things Biff Bam Pop! thinks you need to experience today!



Artist Alley is made up of hundreds of the most creative bunch of people you’re ever likely to meet! If you’re looking for jewelry, prints, original art, books, toys, maquettes, do-dads and everything else under the sun and moon, you’re going to find it here. The area is constantly busy, but shoulder yourself in and strike up a conversation with the presenters. Remember: if you’re looking for some original, commissioned art, ask early – as the weekend workloads can fill up quick!



Publishing Your own Tabletop Game: 11:00 AM, ROOM 712

I know there are a lot of you out there who just love gaming! Heck, I’ve got a circle of friends who, if they had their way, would make one day a week a National Gaming Holiday. Regular gaming often equates to editorializing: where players discuss ways of making a game better and, sometimes, even throwing out creative gaming ideas of their own. If you’re one of those people, this event is for you.

Investing In Comics For Fun & Profit: 11:15 AM, ROOM 715B

Does this even still happen? You bet it does! Just look at the wall of comics at your local comic book shop – and the prices of variant covers, lenticular covers, first appearance issues, and low run series. Prices of comic books can certainly escalate quickly. But can you actually invest in the medium and, correspondingly, make money? Let’s find out!

Game of Thrones: What To Expect In Season 8 With Because Geek YouTube Channel: 12:30 PM, ROOM 701A

If you’ve still to watch the S7 finale of everyone’s favourite television show, full of fire-breathing dragons, arctic zombies, backstabbing, magic and incest, get to it! ‘Cos WARNING! This panel is gonna be full of spoilers! Sweet, sweet spoilers. And even sweeter speculation!

Celebrity Q&A With Hollywood Star Kathleen Turner: 1:00 PM, ROOM 102

Just imagine the stories that the beautiful and talented Hollywood screen legend Kathleen Turner could weave! From Body Heat to Peggy Sue Got Married, Turner will always be my summer of ’84 crush – the author protagonist of Romancing the Stone, Joan Wilder!

How To: Colouring With Copics: 1:15 PM, ROOM 716B

For all the artists out there, get the dibs on one of the most popular and relatively newer forms of artistic utensils. You can do a lot of things with Copics. Bring your paper – and your markers – and find out here!

Premiere Screening of GHOSTED Supernatural Comedy Series: 2:00 PM, ROOM 701A

Any chance to get into a premiere screening has got to get the adrenaline pumping! And Ghosted is a new series that looks to have screams…of laughter filling the room!

What’s Hot In Horror By The Horror Writers Association: 3:00 PM, ROOM 712

Horror may not be the main course at this year’s Fan Expo Canada, but it’s definitely a substantive accompaniment to all the other pop culture food you’re eating right now. But what’s hot in horror, these days? For fans, writers, artists and the casually interested, this panel will give you the straight 411.

Image Comics At 25 With Erik Larsen, Jerome Opena, Jim Zub, Raff Ienco: 3:30 PM, ROOM 714B

Is there any comic book company pushing the genre envelope more than Image Comics right now? I’d say “nope”. They’ve come a long, long way in twenty-five years – and the story of that winding road is a fascinating one.

Celebrity Q&A With The Legendary Tim Curry: 3:30 PM, ROOM 106

Today’s reason for being: catching up with the absolutely brilliant Tim Curry. Sure, he’s here as part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show celebrations, but Curry is a legend. This room is gonna be packed to the gills with fans. Get in early. Whazamatta, kid? Doncha want it?

Warner Bros. Meet the Losers Club Cast From Stephen King’s It: 5:00 PM, ROOM 705

Hot damn! It was filmed just east of Toronto, so there’s a bit of ownership for attendee-goers of this convention…especially if they’re into Stephen King and the horror genre. We’re all floating on cloud-nine these days. You need to be here – you’ll float, too!

Celebrity Q&A With Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss: 5:30 PM, ROOM 102

American Graffiti. Jaws. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Some of our favourite movies. And Dreyfuss is one of our favourite actors. We’re going to need a bigger boat for this Q&A!

Cards Against Humanity Live: 7:00 PM, ROOM 701A

The game where it’s sooooo good to be sooooo bad! Let’s all laugh along at black humour with cards such as “Pee Wee Herman”, “Smegma”, and “High five, bro”. You put it together, in-between your chortles, sighs, boos, and hysterical laughing.

 Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Shadowcast: 8:00 PM, ROOM 102

The Time Warp continues! The main theme of this year’s Fan Expo Canada continues its series of celebrations, so bring your neck and your rice!


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Fan Expo Canada runs from Thursday, August 31 to Sunday, September 3 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For schedules, tickets and information, visit their web page at:  

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