Yo Joe! A New Biff Bam Popcast For Thursday, March 28th, 2012

It’s a brand new Biff Bam Popcast, featuring the panel of JP Fallavollita, Glenn Walker, Jason Shayer and Andy Burns. In this episode, we celebrate the history of G.I. Joe, from the original Marvel run, through the animated series of the 80’s and into the great series IDW is currently publishing. We also talk Marvel NOW!, DC comics editorial woes and much more.

GI Joe The Complete Collection

GI Joe The IDW CollectionOff the top, we also feature two gorgeous hardcover G.I. Joe compilation from IDW – The Complete Collection and The IDW Collection. Watch the popcast and check out just how awesome these titles look.


About Andy Burns

Andy Burns has been Biff Bam Pop!’s Editor-In-Chief since its inception in 2008. His writing has appeared in The Toronto Sun, various World Wrestling Entertainment publications and was recently featured in Wanted Undead Or Alive by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry. The only thing he has to fear is fear itself…and sharks.

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