Trailer Time: Head Back to Derry with Another Look at ‘IT: Chapter Two’

Losers everywhere, gather round and feast your eager rolled-back eyes upon the latest trailer for Andy Muschietti’s ‘IT: Chapter Two.’


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With television counter-programming against AEW, new creative hires, and surprising in-ring action, could a hard reset be coming for WWE?

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 40: The 1977 Show

1977 may have been the best year ever, and Jeffery X Martin celebrates some of the music from that year in this week’s Songs in the Key of X.

Fantasia 2019: ‘Sadako’ Trips On Its Way Back to the Well

Fantasia Fest’s opening film, ‘Sadako,’ brings director Hideo Nakata back to the ‘Ringu’ franchise, but doesn’t provide much in the way of fright.

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WWE’s pay per view, ‘Extreme Rules,’ happens this coming Sunday night! Check out our predictions for the show on this edition of ‘Around the Loop.’

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 39: The Guy in the Band Band Show

When your name becomes the name of your band, then you’ve created a name band name! Songs in the Key of X has five songs from those bands with the names.

Anarchy Meets Horror in ‘Kids of the Black Hole’ Anthology

‘Kids of the Black Hole,’ the new punksploitation horror anthology from St. Rooster Press, is an obscene finger gesture in a world of pageant waves.

Songs in the Key of X, Episode 38: The Iron Maiden Show

‘Songs in the Key of X’ dives into the world of British heavy metal with Jeffery X Martin’s five favorite songs by Iron Maiden.

Blue Underground’s ‘New York Ripper’ Blu-ray Brings Fulci’s Sleaziest Film into Focus

Blue Underground’s excellent 4K restoration places Italian director Lucio Fulci’s most infamous work, ‘The New York Ripper,’ back into the spotlight.