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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Gift Certificates

The store doors are open, your window is closing, and you’ve got no idea what gift to get that friend or loved one this Christmas!

What to do?

No worries…every year, it’s the same thing. We leave that last, hard or forgotten, gift idea to the very end. And before you know it, you have to be at Christmas Eve dinner within the hour!

Well, let’s get to it then- and there’s really only one thing for it:

Gift cards!

No, they’re not the cop out some might have you believe. In fact, they are a super thoughtful gift aimed straight at the fancy of the loved one you’re giving the gift card to! With it, their imagination could take flight!

Follow us through the aisles of your local shop and store, online and otherwise, for some of the best gift cards you could ever give this holiday season!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 3

One shopping day left until the Christmas holiday – and I bet you’ll be heading out near a comic book or bookstore today!

Then, of course, it’s Boxing Day, where so many of the sales on books, comics and pop culture items kick it!

But don’t be fooled – there’s plenty of stores that have kicked off their end-of-year sales week already. And since you’re about to head on out amongst the masses to check off the final items in your holiday shopping list, here’s our third and final installment (4th when we include E.A. Henson’s comic book collections great to give as gifts piece) of all the great comics out there right now!

Here’s where you can find our Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 1, which is full of great, but expensive collections. Here’s where you can find our Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 2, which is fill of fantastic mid-range priced items.

Here then is our final installment, full of outstanding comic book collections at the lower end of the price spectrum – perfect for friends and family that love our favourite pop culture medium!

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Holiday Cheer Runs Through Riverdale With ‘Archie Christmas Spectacular’ On The Wednesday Run

It’s December 13!

There’s snow on the ground here in Toronto…and also in the fictional town of Riverdale!

We must be smack dab in the heart of the holiday season!

Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other mid-to-late December celebration, you’ve hopefully got the spirit of the season in you by now! I mean, it’s been nothing but ornaments, tinsel, candles, multiple Santa, Hallmark Holiday movies and family get-togethers the past few weeks (and weeks to come).

And even the comic book industry has gotten in on the holiday cheer, publishing some seasonal specials this month. This very column focused on one of them a week ago, which you can read here.

Today sees the release of another one of them, as always, perfectly timed and full of fun! Check out the Archie Christmas Spectacular!

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Jingle Your Way To “DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1” On The Wednesday Run

Outside, the snow is falling and friends are calling “yoo-hoo!”

Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you!

Well, we’re inching closer to the end-of-year holiday season. Maybe you’ve noticed that your local mall is decked to the gills in tinsel? Perhaps you’ve guiltily watched one or two bad made-for-TV holiday movies on some run-of-the-mill specialty channel (so that’s what Winnie Cooper is up to these days! Also, she was great!)? Maybe you’ve been busily writing, then scratching, then re-writing various dinner engagements with friends and family in your December calendar?

Well, DC Comics and their stable of writers and artists have been busy getting various superheroes and villains in the spirit of the season, working tirelessly on a holiday-themed production of their own.

Today sees its very timely release!

Get set to jingle all the way to the DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1!

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31 Days of Horror: Red Christmas

Red Christmas
Written and Directed by Craig Anderson
Starring Dee Wallace, Sarah Bishop, Geoff Morrell, Janis McGavin, David Collins, Sam Campbell, Gerard Odwyer, and Bjorn Stewart

With Red Christmas, Craig Anderson hasn’t just made a solid slasher film in the great ‘Oz-ploitation’ tradition of wildly pushing the boundaries, but he’s also made a film with a lot of heart and thought-provoking moments. Red Christmas may also push a lot of buttons, as it deals with abortion, religion, and sordid family secrets.

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31 Days Of Horror: The Wednesday Run Goes BOO! With “DC House Of Horror #1”

We’re literally six sleeps away from one of the best times of year!

And with all the little ghosts and ghouls and goblins (and, let’s face it, superheroes) ringing your doorbell and asking for tricks or treats next Tuesday evening, you may want to shake things up a bit.

Instead of the usual candy and chocolate bars and chip bags handed out on Halloween, why not a comic book as a loot bag stuffer?

It’s a great idea: the gift of four-colour literacy! Of pop culture personified! Of imagination and excitement!

Then again, it can get pricey handing out all those comics.

So, treat yourself (or a select few) to some comic book scares this Halloween with the just-released, over-sized, frightfully awesome, completely fun, and altogether appropriate, DC House of Horror #1!

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Put Two Holiday Specials In Your Stocking On The Wednesday Run

dc-rebirth-holiday-specialWith the holidays coming up, you’re due for some laid-back, hot chocolate in hand, relaxing holiday comic book reading.

It’s the best kind of comic book reading, believe me.

Now, you might be getting comics given to you as gifts. (Maybe there’s one or two from this list or this list.) But you might still want to pick up something to read that signifies the season. Something featuring the greatest superheroes and villains the world has ever known.

Lucky for you, both DC Comics and Marvel Comics are publishing their own holiday specials today… you might want to consider getting in on the zany, wintry, heroic fun!

Follow me after the jump for the low down on the DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1 and the Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix-Up #1!

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide – Nintendo Wii U


If you’re a Nintendo fan, and you can’t wait to get your hands on the Wii U, you’re in luck! There are plenty if them on shelves this holiday season. Don’t let the lack of demand fool you though, this is a fun system that deserves a place on your TV stand.

Find out why after the jump!

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Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide Day 18, Part 2: iPhone Projector Case

iPhone Projector Case - Biff Bam Pop!

Apple fanatics… we all know at least ONE; and for the iPhone junkie who has everything we’ve got the perfect present! In part two of today’s Holiday Gift Guide, we look at the iPhone Projector Case from Texas Instruments (TI) and specialty retailer Brookstone.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a fellow Apple fan, this powerful pocket-sized projector makes an awesome gift. With Texas Instrument’s Pico projector technology, this device allows you to plug your iPhone in for on-the-go video projection.
Designed like many iPhone battery cases, the Projector Case is small and self-charging with minimal bulk; it can even be used like a back up battery for your device – a great accessory for any iPhone user!

But of course the real appeal here is the prospect of subjecting others to your personal photos, videos, and apps; anywhere and at any time. With a 15-lumen-LED projection lamp (located near the headphone jack at the top) and a 0.5-Watt speaker (on the back) this device truly is a portable screening room for whatever you can access via iPhone. It works with with any app that supports dock-connector video out, including the stock Videos, Photos, and YouTube apps, and some third party apps. Reviews confirm that the Projector Case delivers on its promised up to 50” display with 640×360 native resolution. Like any projector, it works best in a dark room but can be whipped out just about anywhere. At $230 this is a beautiful price point for a device that lets you virtually photo and video bomb people with your iPhone content. You can order it from Brookstone here, and though it won’t arrive in time for the Holidays it WILL be there in time to show off all those embarrassing New Years photos. If you have an Apple fanatic on your list, the Projector Case is sure to impress!

Food Porn: Movies For The Foodie In Your Life: Like Water For Chocolate

With the increasing popularity of the Food Network and it’s many shows, “celebrity” chefs, and websites like, chances are you have a strange creature that identifies as a “foodie” in your life.  If your food fanatic has every kitchen gadget, cook book, spice blend and truffle paste available, never fear we’ve got you covered! Consider gifting your grub-loving pal with one of the great foodie flicks we’ll be profiling on Biff Bam Pop for the next few weeks! Hey, the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones and celebrating whatever you happen to celebrate, but they’re also all about food too am I right?!

For the Adventurous Cook:

Like Water For Chocolate

I first discovered  Like Water For Chocolate as a book written by Mexican novelist Laura Esquival.  The novel is both a love story and a recipe book – each chapter headed by increasingly more delicious sounding recipes.  I’ve read it about 30 times and every single time I tell myself that I’ll try making one of the dishes in the book – but I haven’t yet! Maybe a new 2012 Resolution for me?

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