Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Gift Cards

Let’s face facts.

It’s Friday, December 23 and your holiday gift shopping race has nearly been run. The cold weather sweeping down from the western end of the North American continent harkens Santa’s sleigh – and his gift bag just doesn’t look quite full enough, does it?

Amongst all of the Mariah Carey songs that fill the airwaves this time of year and all the jingling of bells that ring out in our ears, it’s an oft-repeated refrain for the shopping mall forlorn: I just need one more gift.

But time is not on your side.

That’s why Biff Bam Pop! is here – to help you through the time-consuming searching and decision-making so that you can find that perfect gift for the pop culture person in your life. Take a gander through our December posts and you’ll find an article each day that highlights a potential gift or theme of gifts that you can give. Certainly, something can be found there!

Still, if you find that you’re still searching, or don’t have the time to scan, this is the column for you. Let’s talk about the last-second, but never an afterthought, kind of gift that always resonates with friends and loved ones. Let’s talk about gift cards.

Ah! But you don’t have time to talk! Ok, let’s just get straight to the ideas:

Local Comic Book Shop & Book Store Gift Cards/Certificates

If you have someone in your life who loves comics, graphic novels and/or books, you can’t go wrong gifting them this always beloved present. Not only does it show that youknow exactly what makes that special person tick, but you’re also supporting a local business in the process.  Buy them up in any domination you choose – and let your Kris Kringle pick what they love the most, all courtesy of the most thoughtful person around this year – you!

Shopping Mall Gift Cards

Here’s an idea for the person whose head you just can’t get into but still need to seem thoughtful towards. The local shopping mall has dozens to even hundreds of stores under its roof and they all, generally, have their own generic gift cards available for sale at the nearby information desk. Buy one of these cards and get instant access to every store!

One bullet, all the gifts.

Sure, it might skew a little to the person who actually enjoys shopping in your life, but the mall has a store for everyone, all the time. These cards are perfectly placed inside envelopes destined for cousins, aunts, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, or even your hairdresser.

Toy, Gaming and Collectible Stores

If you’ve got someone in your life who’s into Pokemon and Magic cards, Citadels and Catan games, Lego, Marvel heroes or even Funko figures, then they will be as pleased as Christmas punch when you give them a gift card to a toy, game or collectible store.

Although their closet or bookshelf might be full of stuff now, you know there’s a spring cleaning coming and those storage and display spaces are ripe for new pop culture objects and endeavours. Imagine getting together in the new year for an enthralling game of Mansions of Madness or Call of Cthulhu or a Lego Optimus Prime building party, all because you gifted the experience of a loved one heading over to their local gaming, toy or collectible store and choosing their own present.

Sounds like fun plans will soon be afoot!

Visit Your Nearest Drug Store or Pharmacy

Besides the extra bottle of Advil you probably require right now, you’re heading to this location for one, single purpose: a plethora of gift cards.

Most drug and pharmacy stores have a kiosk featuring a number of gift cards available in various denominations to all sorts of different vendors: from clothing stores, to restaurants, to home improvement businesses to online shopping meccas and even online gaming portals.

This place is your all-encompassing, one-stop, gift-giving shop to get it right and give it with aplomb!

Hopefully this list has aided you in your gift-giving quest this year. Still, no matter what you give, certainly your ongoing friendship and love of that special someone in your life is all that matters this holiday season (alongside your shared interests in all things pop culture, of course).

We here at Biff Bam Pop! wish you nothing but health, happiness and success in life and enjoyment that all of 2023’s pop culture offerings promise!

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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