Time To Dig Into ‘Timeless 1 (2022)’ On The Wednesday Run


It’s something that is forever, not shaped or defined by the ticking of a clock or the transient whims of cultures that advance and then recede.   

Today, it’s also a sort of nod to the company that birthed Marvel Comics, once named Timely Comics back in 1939, and later the beloved comic book publisher of globally recognized superhero fare in Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers and Iron Man, etc. in 1961.  

The Timeless title that splashes across the top of the cover of today’s The Wednesday Run pick is both an homage to that originating publisher and a promise to readers for the forever-future of Marvel heroes and their adventurous stories.

But in all that promise of never-ending time stands one of Marvel Comics’ greatest antagonists: Kang the Conqueror, master of time and his long-sought desire for supremacy.

In Timeless #1, a one-shot, end-of-year special, Kang himself desperately searches for a moment that eludes even his command – a missing moment that will shape the Marvel Universe for the year to come!   

Last year, Marvel Comics published Timeless #1 (2021), a one-shot comic book starring the villain Kang, that teased the major storylines for the comic book publisher’s various titles for the following year. That single comic book was a great success, earning a second printing. Today, Marvel Comics is at it again with the publication of the new single-issue, Timeless #1 (2022) written by Jed Mackay (who penned last year’s installment) and illustrated by a host of Marvel talents including Greg Land, Salvador Larroca, Patch Zircher and others. It promises to highlight some of the major storylines that readers are anxious to see come to fruition in 2023 making it a perfect year-end book to pick up and read!

In Timeless #1 (2022), Kang is on the run, skipping through time and bearing witness to the events that will have major ramifications for the Marvel superheroes next year. There is the elusive “Missing Moment” that holds the key to everything – and Kang must possess it. But he is not the only powerful entity that desires it. Timeless #1 (2022) sees the debut of new, mysterious arch-rival in Myrddin along with the first appearance of the enigmatic group calling themselves the Twilight Court.

If you’re fascinated by furtive teasers and fun comic book fare, then Timeless #1 (2022) is the story you want to close out the year with.

Make time and make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Timeless #1 – and catch the missing moment that will shockingly shape the timeless Marvel Comics stories you’ll be reading in 2023!

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