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Wanna Cook? The Complete Unofficial Companion to Breaking Bad


“Breaking Bad” is perhaps one of the best series ever to grace the television screen. There is not much the show did not have. Thematically it is the tale of a good man driven down the path to evil, but it is also a hard drama, with a flair for the comedic, ironic, and absurd. It was something that we had never seen on the screen before, and changed the way both we view television, and how it’s made. Now, from ECW Press, we have an unofficial companion guide to “Breaking Bad.” After the jump, I’ll tell you about Wanna Cook? by Ensley F. Guffey and K. Dale Koontz.

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Colour & Art Form Runs Deep With Vertigo Quarterly: Cyan #1 On The Wednesday Run–April 30, 2014

In this day of reboots and refreshes, “New” and “First” issues and universes, it’s nice to know that beyond the comic book publishing industry’s elementary drive for sales alone, there’s still an art to the art form of comic books and sequential storytelling.

You can make the argument both ways: that we used to see the comic book art form pushed further a decade or to ago and that we see if pushed further than ever now. Still, it’s always noteworthy when one of the two big publishers, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, do something out of the ordinary – something that celebrates the medium we all love.

And that’s what we get today with the Vertigo Quarterly: Cyan #1.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01 E20: Nothing Personal


Good guys, bad guys, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s who, and it’s even harder to tell that when you’re talking about the deadly world of espionage and double agents. Everyone lies for a living, no one tells the whole truth, so who can you trust? On this series we have seen more than a few turncoats and double agents, and it’s not over. Meet me after the jump for my review of the aptly titled “Nothing Personal.”

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Bates Motel S02 E09: The Box


Norma has a problem. Yes, I know, Norma always has problems, but this time, it involves her boys. On last week’s episode, Nick Ford made an offer Norma couldn’t refuse. Mr. Nick Ford is one unhappy mobster, but he knows how to get what he wants. He wants Zane dead. Can Norma get Dylan to kill Zane? Let’s visit White Pine Bay to find out. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Blockbuster Books – Two New Marvel Essential Encyclopedias From DK

While many of us have had to deal with one last blast of winter coldness, it’s definitely hard not to cast an eye towards summer and the upcoming blockbuster movie season. I like the summer tentpole movies for a few reasons – the easy and obvious one is comic book movies, which we’ve already gotten a taste of with Captain America: The First Avenger. This week, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will hit theatres, with X-Men: Days of Future Past not far behind. Come August, we’ll also be hit with Guardians of the Galaxy too, Marvel’s first foray into pure science-fiction territory.

Now, the other, slightly less obvious reason for my excitement is that, along with these films come a few new, related books by our pals at DK, the makers of fine, hardcover, pop culture books. This season, the two big Marvel related books are once again essential for your bookshelf.

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Resurrection S01 E07: Schemes of the Devil


Rachel ep7

The situation has gone from bad to worse for the citizens of Arcadia. On the last episode, while Henry came to terms with the fact that Jacob might vanish into thin air like Caleb, and Helen fired up the church members against Pastor Tom; Rachael was kidnapped. Will Bellamy and Sheriff Langston help Tom find his formerly dead, but very pregnant ex-girlfriend? Will we ever learn why the dead are returning? Meet me after the jump, but be careful of the epidemic.

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Game of Thrones S04 E04: Oathkeeper


got f

Wow… a weekend of reveals.  We find out who killed King Joffrey, the best way to  lead a slave revolt, and how White Walkers are made.  If you’re ready for these answers, more after the break. If you’re not… perhaps you should go watch the Godzilla trailer a few more times…


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Spectacular Sounds: Darrin Cappe on Marillion’s Sounds That Can’t Be Made

Thirty years into a band’s career is hardly the point where one would expect to find adventurous songwriting and career
defining songs, however that is exactly what Marillion have done with their 17th studio album, Sounds That Can’t Be Made. Arriving four years after their last proper studio album, Happiness Is The Road, STCBM took time to fully develop. Due to their solid business model and early adaptation to internet/online based marketing Marillion have developed the ability to work within their own timeframe, never rushing quality for the purpose of meeting release dates. In fact the album was to have been released prior to the band’s North American tour in 2012 but recording was still ongoing at the time. They are perfectionists when it comes to their craft and on this album it shows in all its glory.


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Orphan Black S02 E02: Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion



You gotta love the titles of each “Orphan Black” episode. Each title is a story within a story, like peeling back the layers of an onion. Speaking of layers, last week’s episode had Kira’s disappearance linked to religious fanatics, Helene returning from the dead, and Sarah posing as Cosima while acting like Sarah. Are you confused yet? My favorite clone, Alison has the lead in Cats and buys her guns from the checkout-clerk at the food market? What could possibly top last week’s escapades? Grab your genome and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

The Other Woman Rules – Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and this weekend I underestimated the performance of one new release. Here’s what went down.

The_Other_Woman_(2014_film)_posterThe Other Woman, staring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton managed to unseat Captain America: The Winter Soldier from the top of the box office, bringing in a stellar $24 million in its opening weekend. Clearly, audiences were looking for an adult comedy, and this one delivered. The film certainly won’t hold the same spot next weekend, but for this one, its certainly got bragging rights.

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