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Game of Thrones S07 E02: Stormborn

Game of Thrones treated us to a dark and stormy episode two, as our heroes face internal whirlwinds, uneasy allies succumb to a tempest of emotion, and the fog of war once again envelops Westeros.  Lots to talk about this week after the break. Spoilers abound!

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Game of Thrones S07 E01: Dragonstone

Arya’s revenge spree kicks into high gear, the first cracks appear in an old alliance just as a dangerous new one is forged, and Sam makes a lot of new discoveries, not all of them to his liking.  Game of Thrones‘ seventh season kicks off with its foot squarely on the gas and doesn’t let up the entire episode.  Find out what what flying in this whirlwind of action right after the break. (and yes, the spoiler warning is in full effect)

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Jim Knipp Reviews Game of Thrones S06 E08: No One


This week’s episode gave us a tense, thrilling episode that started slowly before reaching its full, butt-clenching, head-popping boil. We are reminded that it’s best not to ever get too happy or self-satisfied, that the Clegane brothers really do have a lot in common, and it’s really the badass ladies who ultimately rule the Game of Thrones. Find out why, after the break!

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Game of Thrones S06 E02: Home



Okay, relax… deep breaths.  “Game of Thrones” is just a television show, not the answer to world peace.

I’ll try to resume some modicum of control, after the break… and of course spoilers ahead…  AAAAAA…

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Game of Thrones S06 E01: The Red Woman


Game of Thrones” is back.  After a wait that felt as never-ending as The Long Night that Old Nan Used to Scare Bran Stark with back in season one, we’re finally going to get some answers to questions raised last year: Is Jon dead or alive? How did Sansa and Theon survive a sixty-foot leap off the castle wall? What will this Dothraki horde do with the Queen of Dragons?  And we’re going to have it answered in one 52-minute episode, right? Find out after the break.

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Actor Trading Cards: Lena Headey

Lena Headey

Born: October 3, 1973 in Hamilton, Bermuda (raised in Yorkshire, England)
Height: 5’6

Personal Quote:

“I’m a tomboy. I used to get into a lot of fights. Don’t know why – self-expression, I guess.”

Did You Know?

Has a number of tattoos, including a large floral design on her back and a Pema Chodron quote on her ribs.


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Game of Thrones S05 E10: Mother’s Mercy

Not a whole lot of mercy to be had as our season finale of “Game of Thrones” proves George R.R. Martin’s story framework still rules, major (and I mean major) characters fall, and ten million teenage girls cry themselves to sleep.  Let’s discuss, after the break.

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Game of Thrones S05 E08: Hardhome


A breathtaking episode eight of “Game of Thrones” complete with lots of action, lots of pieces falling into place, ice zombies, and the return of ‘old blue eyes.’

...really, really old blue eyes...

…really, really old blue eyes…

Find out more after the break!

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Game of Thrones S05 E07: The Gift


Episode seven begins the Herculean process of pulling together about a thousand different plotlines as we charge relentlessly towards the final third of season five of “Game of Thrones.” Some surprises as we learn lots of characters are dancing ever closer to danger, the beginnings of a Greek tragedy unfold in the snow, an imperfect plan turns in a much anticipated direction, and a fan favorite meets his maker. Find out more after the break.

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Game of Thrones S05 E02: The House of Black and White

Arya on Steps

This week we catch up with some characters missing from episode one of “Game of Thrones,” someone gives herself a big promotion, some characters reunite, and we learn that sometimes the right thing to do is wrong in so many ways. Find out more after the break.

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