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Wakanda Forever! ‘Black Panther’ in Theatres and Your Bookshelf

Hey, how about that Black Panther movie?

I had the chance to see the film last night, and I was just as impressed as every one else has been. Ryan Coogler’s script and direction was flawless as far as I’m concerned, and the cast was absolutely A+. Chadwick Boseman exudes heroism, confidence and compassion, while Michael B. Jordan just keeps getting better and better as an actor. It is such a shame that he was completely wasted in Fantastic Four, but hey, if that movie would have been a success perhaps we would have missed him as Eric Killmonger.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: DK Gets You Ready For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We’re days, just days away, from the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. How are you spending your own personal countdown?

Me, I’m combing through sites like The Hollywood Report and Variety glancing at, but not fully reading the reviews that have started trickling out.

I’m thinking about our predictions for the how well the film is going to do when it officially hits theaters on Friday ($200 million is a gimme, in my mind, but how much higher can it go?)

And I’m also perusing a few outstanding Star Wars books that have come my way from the folks at DK.

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Road to Justice League with DK’s Wonder Woman and JL Ultimate Guides

This Friday sees the release of the long-awaited Justice League film. Well, long-awaited for folks who may have avoided the recent DC Universe films or weren’t entirely impressed by the ones they saw. Look, I hear you. Man of Steel lacked optimism, while Suicide Squad lacked pretty much everything that’s supposed to make a movie good. However, though I may stand on my own, I do believe that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a masterpiece in its Director’s Cut form (go watch it – I’ll be here when you get back in three hours).

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The force is with Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia this May the 4th

It’s May the 4th, which means any self-respecting geek is celebrating Star Wars in some way, shape or form.

This year, as like so many in the past, my Princess and I will be perusing the latest Star Wars hardcover book that our friends from DK sent my way – Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary.


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The Princess, age 6, reviews two ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Readers

In our house, the Princess and I are crazy psyched for The LEGO Batman Movie that hits theaters this coming Friday. We were both fans of The LEGO Movie, which has been a fairly regular watch for the last few years. While my girl loves Wildstyle, she’s also got a laugh out of Will Arnet’s take on The Dark Knight.

“He’s funny,” said the Princess when I quizzed her about it this weekend.

To get us primed and pumped for the new movie, our pals at DK sent over a few related books, which would up perfect for us, as the Princess this year has been learning how to read (she’s 6, FYI).

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: WWE 2K17 and the WWE Encyclopedia of Sports Entertainment

If you’re holiday shopping for wrestling fans out there, there are two certifiable A+ products that are absolutely worth picking up to guarantee you won’t be going through a table when it’s time for said fans to open their gifts.


I’m writing this entry in our Holiday Gift Guide the day after WWE 2K17’s cover star Brock Lesnar was decimated in less than two minutes by the game’s original pre-order character, Bill Goldberg. The duo locked up for the first time 12 years, which also happened to be the last time that Goldberg had actually wrestled a match. Fans were talking about how the fantasy warfare that WWE 2K17 had provided was suddenly coming to life. And for a brief moment in Toronto, Canada at the 2016 Survivor Series, it did.

There’s a lot more to WWE 2K17 than fantasy warfare to make it a solid present for sports entertainment video game fans. The game has an incredibly deep roster, ranging from wrestlers of yesteryear from WCW and WWE to the newest crop of talent making their names in NXT. The renderings of wrestlers range from just ok (Bret Hart) to absolutely stunning (Samoa Joe might be their greatest video game wrestler I’ve ever looked at). After last year’s grievous oversite, The Four Horsewomen have made their way to a WWE video game as well, including Bayley, the NXT favourite who recently made her way to their main roster along with Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.  Read the rest of this entry

Take a tour of the Monster High Character Encyclopedia

Every year my daughter and I discuss what’s going to make it on to her Christmas list. As she’s been getting older (she’s 6), she’s slowly found her way into playing with dolls, as most kids do. Thankfully, we live in a world where Barbie isn’t the standard anymore. For us pop culture lovin’, horror fans can at least enjoy our girls playing with Monster High.


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May The 4th be with you and your little girls

It’s another May the 4th. Amazing how they just spring up on you every year at the exact same time. This year though – something is different about this year. No doubt, Star Wars fans are riding the high of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the critically and commercially hailed reboot of the franchise that in some ways had been crushed by the lack of critical success the prequels faced more than a decade ago.

In the wake of the drubbing those pictures took, there’s no doubt that the Star Wars world needed a roaring success at theatres for it to regain its rightful place as the space opera par excellence. That’s what J.J. Abrams managed to achieve with The Force Awakens, at least in my humble opinion. The criticism that the new film borrow far too heavily from A New Hope, while valid, overshadows the fact that The Force Awakens also gave us, dare I say, new hope, in the form of Rey.

Rey Image

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DK Assembles The Avengers Encyclopedia

It’s never to early to start considering what’s going to hit your Hanukkah or Christmas list. Especially for the Marvel Zombie in your life. And like clockwork, our pals at DK have a brand new title that will look oh so nicely on your shelf alongside all of their other fantastic hardcover Marvel books.

Let’s assemble after the jump and I’ll tell you all about The Avengers Encyclopedia!


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May The Fourth Be With You and DK in 2015

There’s little doubt that 2015 is going to be the biggest year in Star Wars history since the Revenge of the Sith hit theatres back in 2005. Star Wars: The Force Awakens had tongues wagging as it went on to amass 88 million YouTube Views in just a few days. It’s a spectacular trailer, so it really does make sense.

Admit it, don’t you get goose bumps every time you watch it? How can we not be excited to see what happens in the bold new Star Wars universe that’s being created?

Of course, how do you keep track of what’s new and part of the canon and what has become part of “legend”, as it were> Unsurprisingly, DK, masters of the coffee table pop culture book, have put together Ultimate Star Wars, a gorgeous hardcover that compiled every piece of story and character that is part of the new and official continuity. Read the rest of this entry

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