Recap of Thrones, S08 E05: I Don’t Really Care Anymore

The penultimate episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ has Jim Knipp all fired up. Warning: there are both spoilers and ranting in this article.

Game of Thrones S04 E05: First of His Name

A contrite Cersei? A doubtful Dany?  Broke Lannisters and neck-snapping Hodors?  It was like Opposite Day in Westeros this week on “Game of Thrones.”  More after the break!

Game of Thrones S04 E04: Oathkeeper

  Wow… a weekend of reveals.  We find out who killed King Joffrey, the best way to  lead a slave revolt, and how White Walkers are made.  If you’re ready … Continue reading Game of Thrones S04 E04: Oathkeeper