Orphan Black S02 E02: Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion



You gotta love the titles of each “Orphan Black” episode. Each title is a story within a story, like peeling back the layers of an onion. Speaking of layers, last week’s episode had Kira’s disappearance linked to religious fanatics, Helene returning from the dead, and Sarah posing as Cosima while acting like Sarah. Are you confused yet? My favorite clone, Alison has the lead in Cats and buys her guns from the checkout-clerk at the food market? What could possibly top last week’s escapades? Grab your genome and follow me.


Our clones have to be careful. They’re surrounded by people who want to use them and there is no telling friend from foe. Alison and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) attend Aynsley’s funeral and the neighbors are giving our little soccer mom the cold shoulder. While Donnie is busy with the children, Alison checks his cell to find some incriminating messages. With the realization that Aynsley, although a royal pain in the suburbs, was not her monitor, Alison’s world begins to crumble and she calls for help.


Who do the clones always call when in trouble? Yep, it’s my favorite sidekick ever, Felix. I love Felix. Who else could play Picasso wearing only an apron? Nice touch with the football, too. Alison is so stressed over Donnie’s betrayal that she messes up in the musical, but no worries. The director helps her reach her high notes by grabbing her buns. I love the writing in this show and especially when Felix continues with the humor by dissing the director’s handshake. “I’ve seen where those hands have been.”

Felix and Alison hatch a plan to catch Donnie in the act of monitoring. Thinking that Alison is meeting Sarah at Aynsley’s grave, Donnie is caught spying on his wife. There is no way Donnie is going to talk his way out of this mess and I’m pretty sure Alison is use something more permanent than a glue gun this time. Donnie’s betrayal sends Alison to the comfort of her “mother’s little helpers” with drink and pills.

Will the Real Mrs. S Please Stand Up!

If you think Alison is having a bad day, Sarah has her topped. After Sarah receives a phone call from Kira, Detective Art Bell and Sarah trace the call to a motel, but Kira is gone. While Art confronts the Dyad lawyer, Sarah is kidnapped. When she’s let out of the trunk by Benjamin (Julian Richings), she attacks only to find out he works for Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy). Sarah is home, but it’s the home where she and Felix lived as children, and Kira is also there. The picture that Amelia gave Sarah is a clue to one of Mrs. S’s secrets; Project Leda. I can’t wait to learn about this project.


Mrs. S was a freedom fighter in the old days along with Brenda (Nora McLellan) and Barry (Rob deLeeuw) had staged the fake disappearance of Kira in order to keep the Dyad Corporation and the Prolethean group from getting the child, but “Orphan Black” has plots within plots and Mrs. S is betrayed by Brenda and Barry before she can sneak Kira to London. Seems Brenda found religion; god with deep pockets. As Sarah and Kira try to escape in Barry’s truck, Mrs. S blocks them with her rifle.


Dr. Leekie and Delphine have encouraged Cosima to join the team of Dyad Corporation. Dyad is responsible for saving thousands of lives because of the vaccines they create. Dr. Leekie mentions a recent work with vaccines using a 3D biological printer. Yes, my little science geeks, this is real medical science, and you can check it out here. While Cosima and Delphine make plans to spiff up the lab, Rachel enters the room. After sending Delphine from the room, Rachel chats with Cosima.


Cosima’s condition is not good and the blood work shows high lymphocytes and a host of other maladies that are from cloning. Rachael won’t give Cosima the original genome, and tells her that while the original is robust, Cosima isn’t. Rachael wants Cosima to find answers to why Sarah is different and was able to have a child, even though the others can’t. Although the storyline with Cosima has been lagging a bit, I do like Cosima’s reply to Rachel’s remark about her being gay.



Helena has been abducted to the Prolethean Religious Commune run by Pastor Henrik Johansson (Peter Outerbridge). This is definitely a cult, but nothing I’ve ever expected. Pastor Henrik is not only a man of God, but someone very interested in cloning and science and he has plans for our mad hatter clone. Helena is a twin to Sarah, but her organs are a mirror image, and while Father Tomas (Daniel Kash) thinks Helena an aberration to nature, Henrik thinks it possible for Helena to have a child. Tomas disagrees, but before he’s killed, Henrik tells him, “Science without religion is lame, but religion without science is blind.


Betrayal was the theme for tonight’s episode. Alison is left with the knowledge that a woman is dead because she was mistaken as a monitor. Will Alison kill Donnie now that she knows that he is a traitor? Cosima is sick, but Rachael is holding back on the data that might save her. I was surprised to see that Delphine doesn’t have enough security clearance to be part of Rachael’s talk with Cosima.


Mrs. S has secrets and they concern that photo and something called Project Leda? Brenda and Barry are both dead because of their betrayal. I was so happy that Mrs. S allowed Sarah and Kira to escape. We are left with the nagging feeling that there is more to Mrs. S than we were led to believe.

The Proletheans are fanatics who will do anything to get their beliefs down your throat. Pastor Henrik swears he’s a man of the cloth, but he has no problem killing anyone that disagrees with him, but he’s also a man of science, and this combination leaves our little clones in big trouble.

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