Bates Motel S02 E09: The Box


Norma has a problem. Yes, I know, Norma always has problems, but this time, it involves her boys. On last week’s episode, Nick Ford made an offer Norma couldn’t refuse. Mr. Nick Ford is one unhappy mobster, but he knows how to get what he wants. He wants Zane dead. Can Norma get Dylan to kill Zane? Let’s visit White Pine Bay to find out.


I know Norman is a bit off kilter and a budding sociopath, but it’s still frightening to see a child abducted. The men who abduct Norman lock him in a metal box. Thankfully, it’s not underground, but it’s dark, damp and there are nasty bugs inside. I don’t know about you, but if I were locked in a box like that, I would go crazy, so imagine what it would be like for a child; for Norman.


When Nick Ford’s (Michael O’Neill) men stop by to give Norman food and water, he makes a break for it. He doesn’t get far and they find Miss Watson’s pearls and the obituary clipping on him. This is not good. Nick Ford is not a stupid man and I think he knows that his daughter was seducing a young boy, but does he suspect Norman of killing her?


I feel for Dylan. He’s still recovering from the uncle/dad revelation and now everybody wants him to kill Zane. Jodi feels her brother is bad for business, Nick isn’t happy with Zane’s  burning down his warehouse, and Norma wants to save Norman.


Norma tells Dylan that she won’t get Norman back unless Dylan kills Zane, but that’s easier said than done. Zane is like a fox. He knows that he’s made enemies; lots of enemies, but he’s never alone; he has three bodyguards with him at all times. Dylan is unable to do the deed alone and asks Nick Ford for help. Dylan and Nick get into a fight. Why doesn’t Nick Ford kill Zane? Is he’s afraid of Zane, too?


Romero, it turns out, is a good cop in a bad town. He feels guilty that the wrong man might be in prison for Miss Watson’s murder. Not that he feels sorry for the dead child molester, but he needs to know the truth. He asks an old friend to do a polygraph on Norman. His friend agrees. Do lie detectors work if the person can’t remember committing the crime? It doesn’t matter because when Romero tells Norma that he needs to do the test on Norman because his DNA was found on the crime scene. She gives him an attitude. Norma is gives great attitude!


You can see Norma’s mind working a mile a minute as she registers the fact that Norman had sex with his teacher; that he may have killed her, and Romero has enough evidence to go to trial. She’s quick with a reply. “Polygraphs are not accepted in the courts and Norman is sick in bed. Goodbye.” Attitude.


Norma is having panic attacks because Norman’s survival is out of her hands. I guess when you think about it, the panic attacks make sense. Norma is so accustomed to being in charge and now she’s helpless and this helplessness is causing her to hurt people who really care for her like Emma and George.

Poor Emma knows something is wrong and that Norman isn’t there, but when she asks for information, Norma turns her off. Emma, who feels like a doormat and really wants to be part of the family, tells Norma that she’s giving her two weeks’ notice. Does Norma try to stop her? Nope! “We’ll miss you,” is all she says.

George is treated just as badly. After making love the night before, maybe George thought Norma would be happy to see him. Ha! When George stops by to visit Norma, she goes ballistic and kicks him out. I wonder if George finally gets it that Norma is nuts. And, do you know who comes back to wipe away Norma’s tears? Yep, our little Emma. I love this kid, but she gets no respect.

psycho norman norma


Norma is responsible for everything that’s happened with her sons. Her web of lies and half-truths that she so carefully weaved is falling apart. Norma finally tells Romero about Nick Ford and the kidnapping. The fight between Dylan and Nick Ford turned into a fight to the death, and now no one knows where Norman is being held. It’s raining… and Norman, under duress, remembers the events leading to Miss Watson’s death. I don’t know if that Polygraph is even worth it, because even though Norman killed Miss Watson, it wasn’t him. It was his alter ego, Norma. Norman has a split personality, but we’ve seen it before and now that he’s stuck in that box… we might be seeing it a lot more.

Next week is the season finale and White Pine Bay may never be the same. See you next week.

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