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‘Annabelle: Creation’ looks to scare up the top spot at the box office

As always around this time, I start referring to the dog days of summer at the box office, which is exactly what we’re going to start experiencing this weekend, with only one film expected to make an impact. Here’s our prediction:


Annabelle: Creation is the second in the spin-off series from The Conjuring. The previous instalment in the doll-centric film was released back in 2014, and ended its run with $84 million. Seeing as how the summer has been pretty much dry when it comes to horror films, it’s likely audiences will turn out for Annabelle: Creation (the positive reviews so far will certainly help as well). Look for a first place debut with $32 million.

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31 Days of Horror 2015: Saw (2004)

“We think craft is important, and the irony has always been that horror may be disregarded by critics, but often they are the best-made movies you’re going to find in terms of craft. You can’t scare people if they see the seams.” – James Wan

In last week’s post I spotlighted the ‘Torture Porn’ sub-genre and the movie that was credited by movie critic David Edelstein to have started it: Eli Roth’s Hostel (2005). Among today’s Top 10 lists and thousands of movie review sites, however, it is more often that James Wan’s SAW is recognized as the film that kicked off the torture porn fad (I use the term ‘fad’ to reference the use of the term, not the genre which has existed within the Horror industry since the 1970’s). While the numerous Saw sequels may deserve to be lumped in with that notorious label, I recently watched the original film again on Netflix and I can assure you that Saw is more ‘thriller and style’ than ‘torture and gore’.


Okay, I admit the movie poster does not support the claim I just made. However, marketing aside, this film features a fantastic cast (Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson), a talented director (James Wan), and a slow unveiling of the plot that places the focus on the build-up of suspense, not the shock of gore.


“After waking up in a tiny cell, two men find themselves victim of a serial killer who plays games with his victims and gives them one last chance to survive. If they wish to live, they each have to play their own game as the killer has told them on an audio script. As the film goes on, connections between the victims and the true identity of the killer are revealed.” – J.S. Golden

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31 Days of Horror 2014 – Annabelle


When the Annabelle doll made her demonic debut in last year’s The Conjuring, I was looking forward to her self-titled prequel. While I hoped she would become the porcelain face of horror, and take a place on the shelf beside such evil dolls as Chucky and the Poltergeist clown, it doesn’t appear she is quite ready for the honor. More after the jump.

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Scene Stealers: The Fearsome Five

Stephen King's It“Swear to me swear to me that if it isn’t dead you’ll all come back.” – Stephen King, It

Halloween is almost here – Hooray! I remember as a kid walking through the video store and as soon as my parents were distracted, I’d head for the horror aisle. I wasn’t allowed to watch them, but just looking at the boxes gave me plenty of nightmares.

Here’s to the horror genre that many of us are supporting this month and to the five scariest “Scene Stealing” stars of them all.


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Audiences Find Gone Girl – Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

It was an absolutely huge weekend at the box office, as the two big new releases exceeded expectations and delivered some big bucks. Here’s what went down.

Gone_Girl_PosterWhile I was finding every spare minute to read Gone Girl (finished in just three days, I might add), the movie going public was making it the number one film at the box office. The film debut with an outstanding $38 million, a testament to the source material, the clout of David Fincher and the box office draw of Ben Affleck. Throw in reviews were stellar for the most part and you’ve got the big hit at theatres this weekend.

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Gone Girl Vs Annabelle – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions

Two dark films are looking for box office gold this weekend, but only one of them can claim the top spot. Which will it be? Here are our predictions:

Gone_Girl_PosterGone Girl is the adaptation of the bestselling Gillian Flynn book of the same, staring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as a married couple that goes terribly wrong, and directed by David Fincher, in my mind one of the greatest filmmakers of the past 25 years. With all the talent attached this, and absolutely huge buzz from both moviegoers and literary fans (yes, of course you can be both, don’t get all huffy on me), Gone Girl should be a lock for the top spot. Look for a first place debut with $35 million.

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Denzel Equalizes Easily: Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report


It’s a musical chairs weekend here at Biff Bam Pop! as your usual Box Office reporter Andy Burns takes a few days off, so here I am to wrap up for J.P. Fallavollita‘s Box Office Predictions from a few days back. Did Denzel Washington Equalize the Box Office? How stiff was the competition from The Maze Runner and The Boxtrolls? Find out after the jump!

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31 Days of Horror 2013: The Saturday At The Movies Edition – The Conjuring


I’ve been seeing spirits since I was a kid. Lucky me! Until recently, I’ve only encountered the friendly type. But, there is a second type of spirit. These malicious entities are capable of hurting you. I’ve already posted about one spirit in particular, the angry ghost, who may have caused the death of a child. I’m still doing the research on this and will get back to you when I have the answers. The Conjuring, a supernatural horror film, is a story about a family under attack by a demon, and the paranormal team that helps them. How do you fight a demon? Find out after the jump.

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The Wolverine Is Somewhat Toothless (And Snikt!-less): Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Wrap-Up Report

Every once in a while within the confines of this column, I get to play the Muppet Show’s Statler and Waldorf to Editor-in-Chief Andy Burns’ box office predictions. It’s a fun gig because being Statler and Waldorf is, essentially, the no-lose scenario: they are the world’s first “anonymous” internet post – untouchable trolls with too much free-reign negativity to say about other people’s hard work and effort.

Now, I may not be posting anonymously, but it’s important to realize that Andy Burns is no Fozzy Bear when it comes to predicting the weekend box office. He’s right more often than he’s wrong. But I remember him relentlessly making fun of my Speed Racer box office prediction, back in the day. And today, I do get a chance to “pick” at his picks.

With the release of the highly anticipated Hugh Jackman ticket, The Wolverine, you’ve got to wonder how well it – and Andy Burns did.

Follow the Statler and Waldorf troll and find out after the jump!

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