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‘Annabelle: Creation’ overperforms, tops the box office

On Friday I mentioned that it was the dog days of summer at the box office, but someone forgot to tell audiences that, as the week’s biggest new release had a solid debut. Here’s what went down:


With a combination of strong reviews and its place as the first horror film in theatres in a while, Annabelle: Creation had an outstanding debut at the box office, bringing in an estimated $35 million. Though it will likely drop off in its second weekend as most horror films do, Annabelle: Creation has already more than doubled its production budget of $15 million, so the studio is definitely celebrating. How long until a third film is announced?

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‘Annabelle: Creation’ looks to scare up the top spot at the box office

As always around this time, I start referring to the dog days of summer at the box office, which is exactly what we’re going to start experiencing this weekend, with only one film expected to make an impact. Here’s our prediction:


Annabelle: Creation is the second in the spin-off series from The Conjuring. The previous instalment in the doll-centric film was released back in 2014, and ended its run with $84 million. Seeing as how the summer has been pretty much dry when it comes to horror films, it’s likely audiences will turn out for Annabelle: Creation (the positive reviews so far will certainly help as well). Look for a first place debut with $32 million.

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