The Week In Horror: Monsters In Front of (And Behind) the Cameras

Happy Easter, fiends. Let’s take a moment on this holy weekend to remember paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, who left us just days ago at the age of 92. Some have accused her and her husband Ed of being con artists while others stand by their stories. Wherever you personally land on the Warren’s legacy, I think we in the horror community can agree they inspired some great movies. RIP, Lorraine.

We got our first look at Swamp Thing in a new teaser. The series kicks off May 31 on DC Universe’s streaming channel. The teaser came on the heels of news that the show was shutting down early and cutting two episodes off the schedule. Panic ensued across the internet, as it does, in response, DC dropped the spooky teaser below. I’m still not sure we have gotten a clear answer to every question, but we know that DC Universe is fine and doing better than expected. Apparently, things aren’t as great with Swamp Thing specifically, but that doesn’t mean the show will suck. It’s not canceled, so the door is still open for a season two. We know Titans will definitely have a second season, adding Batman and Deathstroke to the cast. Hopefully, whatever problems occurred with Swamp Thing won’t sink the show because, based on the teaser, I have high hopes.

A Lucio Fulci biopic? Yes, please. Simone Scafidi directed the film, which will combine both a biopic and documentary approach, showing us never before seen photos and film, giving us an in-depth look at the life of Italy’s Godfather of Gore. Fulci for Fake is currently in post-production.

Yes, it’s Easter, but it’s also April 21st, the anniversary of a small clipper ship sinking in the waters around Spivey Point.

Also, Pet Sematary was released on this day in 1989. Have you seen the Widmyer/Kolsch adaptation yet? I still haven’t, but their appearance on Shockwaves Podcast has kept me energized on their take on my favorite Stephen King book. Mary Lambert’s film remains iconic thirty years later. The only gripe I ever had with it was she didn’t tackle the Wendigo aspect of the story.


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