31 Days of Horror 2014 – Annabelle


When the Annabelle doll made her demonic debut in last year’s The Conjuring, I was looking forward to her self-titled prequel. While I hoped she would become the porcelain face of horror, and take a place on the shelf beside such evil dolls as Chucky and the Poltergeist clown, it doesn’t appear she is quite ready for the honor. More after the jump.

Annabelle was scary and evil in the first film, but her menace was lessened in the latest installment, almost reducing her to a premenstrual Barbie, minus the killer wardrobe and pretty face. Although her back story was revealed, it wasn’t enough to intrigue the audience. I checked my watch a few times in the dark theater, my personal barometer of a film’s success or failure. The more time spent staring at motionless hands, the more I regret my viewing choice.

I can’t fault Annabelle for her movie’s shortcomings. Like any good actress, she did her best with the material she was given. I wonder how the authentic Annabelle felt about being portrayed by a rather unattractive doll. The real possessed toy, who resides in a wood and glass case in the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut, is a large Raggedy Ann, the size of a small child. Homage is made to the film’s inspiration in the final scenes.


If you were a big fan of The Conjuring, you may enjoy Annabelle. Even if she lost some of her horror cred in this year’s effort, I still wouldn’t have her or Raggedy Ann anywhere near my (doll)house.


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