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Trailer Time: Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Okja’

Netflix reveals the official trailer for the upcoming film Okja, which includes the first full look at the massive animal at the heart of director Bong Joon Ho’s latest film, which will have its world premiere at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.
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TIFF 2016 Review: In “Nocturnal Animals”, revenge is a dish best served ice cold

With Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford seems compelled to make up for lost time. Seven years after the success of the fashion designer’s directorial debut A Single Man, Ford’s second feature merges two noir tales into a single multifaceted narrative, dancing through time and multiple fictions. Haunting, by turns icy and anguished, it’s an unsettling and exquisite study of failure, loss and revenge.

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TIFF 2015 Marks Festival’s 40th Anniversary

First Festival of Festivals poster held by director Rosee Lacreta, 1976

It ain’t a mid-life crisis, that’s for sure. September’s just around the corner, and Torontonians know that means it’s time for another Toronto International Film Festival. This incarnation’s one of those zero-numbers people get so excited about, and at forty, TIFF’s getting downright venerable. What started out in 1975 as The Festival of Festivals (Toronto had big eyes back then, and not a whole lot else), has grown from a scrappy little fest in a half-dozen theatres around town to a massive media machine, with over 350 films appearing in its ten-day run. Start up the projector, let’s take a peak at a few treats that lie just ahead.

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Pixels looks to knock out Paper Towns, Southpaw

Last year, around this very time I believe, we were dropping off my daughter at daycare during the week, and were faced for what feels like weeks upon weeks of traffic and road closures. The reason – one of the few times that I’ll ever be able to say Adam Sandler, who was filming the movie that’s released this weekend. Will the finished product be as annoying to filmgoers as the filming was to commuters and parents? Here’s our prediction:

PixelsPixels, in which aliens send video game characters like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to invade Earth, looks mildly entertaining, I suppose. I mean, really, really, mild. But then you start to see the reviews, which are currently at just 12% fresh over at Rotten Tomatoes. Is anyone surprised? When was the last time Sandler did a really good movie? Or had an outstanding opening? It’s been a while. While 80s nostalgia fans may get a kick out of this one, I don’t see Pixels doing big numbers. On that note, look for a first place debut with $35 million.

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Blue on Black: I Still Love You, Donnie Darko (2001)

28 days. 6 hours. 42 minutes. 12 seconds. That is when the world will end.

When I was in high school, my Dad (Movie Guy Extraordinaire) started what he called “The Film Crew,” and, basically without my knowledge, invited several of my friends to once a week come over, watch a movie, and discuss it. I think he wanted to open our minds to something other than American Pie-type cinema, and by showing us films like Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and The Third Man (1949), he did. One night, he invited a friend of his (another film buff) to join us, and this friend said he had chosen this night’s flick because it was one of the best movies he’d ever seen, even though it had completely bombed at the box office. He said we’d probably never heard of it (we hadn’t) and that it was called Donnie Darko. Read the rest of this entry

Oujia and Nightcrawler Do Battle – Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

It was a fairly uneventful weekend at the box office, as this week’s only notable new release really didn’t interest too many. Here’s what went down:

Ouija_2014_posterNightcrawler, the new thriller with Jake Gyllenhaal, debut with a lacklustre $10.909 million to hit the number on spot. Those decimal points are significant though, as Ouija was right behind it with $10.9 million. Things could change come Monday morning, but it’s clear that even with the good notices, Nightcrawler couldn’t get bums into seats this weekend.

As for the rest of the top five, Fury was in third place with $9.1 million. Gone Girl was in fourth place with $8.8 million, while The Book of Life closed things out in fifth place with $8.3 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) Nightcrawler – $13 million
2) John Wick – $8.5 million
3) Fury – $7 million
4) Ouija – $6 million
5) Gone Girl – $5 million

And here’s how the weekend turned out:

1) Nightcrawler – $10.909 million
2) Ouija – $10.9 million
3) Fury – $9.1 million
4) Gone Girl – $8.8 million
5) The Book of Life – $8.3 million

Gyllenhaal’s Nightcrawler should win the weekend – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions

It’s Halloween weekend, but to me, it’s slim pickings for scares. Does anyone else miss the days of Paranormal Activity or Saw offering up yet another sequel? What about bringing back the legendary Robert Englund to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise for another go? I bet there’s at least one or two current or former goths dreaming of a sequel to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Oh Halloween movies, why have you foresaken us?  On that note, what can you see in theaters this weekend? There is a new one from Jake Gyllenhaal that might do alright. Here’s our prediction:

NightcrawlerfilmNightcrawler is the story of,  according to the Wikipedia entry, “the story of a driven young man who stumbles upon the underground world of Los Angeles freelance crime journalism.” The movie has been getting rave reviews so far, and Gyllenhaal is a popular, if not highly bankable star. That means Nightcrawler should open decently, but not on par with other seasonal offerings from the past. Look for a first place debut with $13 million.

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31 Days of Horror 2014 – Zodiac (2007)

Some horror doesn’t need to be gory. It doesn’t need to be violent, nor does it have to be supernatural.

Sometimes the biggest scares of all are the ones that come from real life.

Such was the case with the Zodiac killer, who terrorized the Bay Area back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, never to be captured.

The story of the Zodiac became an American legend, and in 2007, it also became one of director David Fincher’s greatest films.

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Prisoners Set To Capture The Top Spot – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions

This weekend sees the release of a critically acclaimed film fresh off the TIFF red carpet, and it should be a lock for number one. Here’s our prediction:

Prisoners2013PosterPrisoners is a dark drama featuring a stellar ensemble cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Melissa Leo. The film performed well at TIFF and the buzz is extremely high, especially for Jackman’s performance as a father determined to find his missing 6-year old daughter and her friend, who have been kidnapped. Without any big blockbusters due out this weekend, look for Prisoners to claim the top spot with $18 million.

Find out how the rest of the weekend will turn out after the jump!
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Four Films Fail To Find Audiences – Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

An absolutely horrid weekend at the box office for every new film out there – none of which performed well. It’s a three way battle for number one, and it could all change when the actuals come out tomorrow. Until then, here’s what it looks like went down.

Both House At The End Of The Street and End Of Watch are vying for the top spot, with each film grossing roughly $13 million. While that’s in the range of what we predicted for End Of Watch, it’s definitely a let down for Jennifer Lawrence’s post-Hunger Games starring vehicle. The question is, can Lawrence become a bankable star for non-franchise films or is this weekends results the sign of things to come?

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