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Amanda Blue Can Hardly “Finish the Song” in the Latest Episode of Preacher

With one episode left in its first season, Preacher ties up a few loose ends this week, though while answering some big questions it seems to be asking some even bigger ones.


We learn Cassidy is still as alive as ever, though in rough shape to say the least. His condition seems to have brought out a new side in Emily, who up until now has basically been a useless and annoying character as far as I’m concerned. At least she has good taste in movies and finally DID something. (Sorry Miles, but you were also useless and annoying.) Read the rest of this entry


Disturbing Imagery Gets Preacher’s Latest Episode “El Valero” Some Extra Credit Points


Ever seen a man shoot himself deaf? How about a guy offer his own no-longer-attached penis to his friends? Ever watched a guy hold his daughter’s guts in one hand and a cow’s in the other while crying about the fact they’re both just meat? If you watched “El Valero,” last night’s episode of Preacher, you can no longer say no to any of these questions. I will give the show credit for its creative use of disturbing imagery.

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“He Gone” and So Is Amanda Blue’s Patience For Preacher

If I could sum up Preacher’s Episode 7 in one word, it would be WHY?! Because that’s what I found myself shouting at my TV the most last night while watching. I’m still committed to not hating the series, because as a friend said, “I can’t hate it, it’s Preacher,” though I am mighty disappointed in the creators. After months of Rogen and Goldberg gushing about what huge fans they are of the comics, they’ve sure managed to knock the entire storyline on its ass and kick the absolute crap out of it. Repeatedly. And for the life of me, I can’t understand why.


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From High Upon The Pulpit Comes “Absolute Preacher Vol. 1” On The Wednesday Run

“Oh shit. I have to buy a third copy.”

Absolute Preacher Vol 1 coverThose were the words uttered by an anonymous friend (and unnamed contributor to this site) after a recent enjoyable Saturday morning breakfast consisting of fried eggs, bacon, hash browns, buttered toast, multiple cups of black coffee and chit chat and laughs about swear words, school graduation tickets for parents of tweens, Alan Moore’s penchant for perversity, an incredible Euro run by Wales, and, most importantly to this particular paragraph and the dialogue listed directly above it, today’s release of the “Absolute” version of Preacher.

You see, there are Preacher fans out there. Hardcore Preacher fans.

It’s one of the quintessential Vertigo Comics series from when Vertigo Comics was relevant. It’s held up there with high esteem right beside Sandman, early Hellblazer and Doom Patrol.

The series changed the way people thought about how stories were told in comics, for God’s sake. And I don’t use the word “God” glibly. I mean literally.

Today sees the release of Absolute Preacher Vol. #1. And if you don’t know much about it, you need to find out.

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“Sundowner”: The Most Action-Packed, Bloody and Hilarious Episode of Preacher Yet


Angels and demons and violence – oh my! “Sundowner,” this week’s episode of Preacher – was the most action-packed, bloody and hilarious episode so far. It’s about damn time, too.

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The “South Will Rise Again” and So Will Amanda Blue’s Spirits with Episode 5 of Preacher

To be honest, after last week’s episode (“Monster Swamp”) I was not looking forward to watching Episode 5 last night. I wasn’t in the mood for more disappointment, more distance between me and characters that have meant so much to me for so many years. But I have to say, though Preacher the show is still not as loyal to the books as I (and many others) feel it could/should be, last night’s episode renewed my faith. Well, maybe not renewed it, but replaced my lack of it with a new kind. I think I’m mostly back on board this wild emotional roller coaster because I think I can see now where it’s headed. Maybe it’s not a place we know, but maybe it’s still a place we’d be ok ending up. I have some hunches. Let me explain.


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Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black Continues To Hold Us Captive



Hey there. Amanda Blue here. So I have this friend who’s good (to say the least) with a camera, but he’s also good with words and never half-asses much of anything – including TV show and movie reviews. After both of us binge-watched the hell out of the newest season of Orange Is The New Black this past weekend, he sent me the following and it seemed a little selfish to keep it to myself. So, without further ado, Mr. Warren Gamache‘s thoughts on OITNB S4! Read the rest of this entry

Drowning in the Disappointing “Monster Swamp” on Preacher

Let me start off by saying that Episode 4 of Preacher gave us two amazing scenes. One was the shot of that sweet, sweet Annville Hotel sign. I need to own that somehow. The other magic moment was Tommy saying, “She’s poopin’,” in regards to his mother when Jesse asks if Emily is home. That was amazing. Sadly, those were the highlights of last night’s episode. (Spoilers ahead.)


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Amanda Blue reviews Preacher S01 E02: See

Well I was hoping to keep these reviews relatively spoiler-free, and I’ll still do my best, but there’s no way to discuss Preacher’s second episode without going into some detail. The opening scene made my eyes bulge and caused me to unwillingly gasp out a gigantic “HOLY SH*T!” of pure excitement. If you were watching last night and have read the comics, I’m sure your reaction was damn near identical to mine.

Finally, one of the biggest questions/concerns/fears of who would be included and excluded from the series has been answered: The Saint of Killers is with us. Personally, I couldn’t be more relieved to see him (portrayed by Graham McTavish), although his backstory seems to have been shortened for TV and the love story between him and his wife downplayed considerably. The basics (sick daughter, Ratwater, scalping of Native Americans) are present and I’m hoping The Saint’s character and story are shown the respect and done the justice they deserve. If not, longtime fans of the original series may just raise hell.


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Amanda Blue reviews Preacher S01 E01: Pilot

Almost 10 years ago exactly, I read the Preacher graphic novels for the first time (that story is told over here). As I was reading them, there were rumours floating around that there were talks of turning this story into a series. There were rumours of movies, too, and of spinoffs and side stories. None of these things ever came to be. Year after year, I would reread Preacher and wonder why no one had successfully been able to bring it to a live action medium. I mean, besides the fact that it delves into every taboo subject imaginable and flays it open in a way only comic books can. Except for that. But then in 2013 I heard the big announcement: It was finally officially happening. ON AMC! Yes! BY SETH ROGEN! No. Oh god no.


I like Seth Rogen. I have nothing against Seth Rogen. But not once, ever, in my decade long love affair with Ennis and Dillon’s Vertigo masterpiece did I think, hope or expect Rogen to be the one (or one of two) to make my Preacher dreams a reality. I’m sure I’m not alone here. Well, I can say after months of watching interviews, progress updates,  hearing about the love and passion Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have for the graphic novels, and finally watching last night’s premiere, I’m glad it’s taken this long. I believe this is the way Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy, and all the rest of our old friends were meant to make it to the screen. This pilot, to put it gently, kicked so much ass. (Some spoilers ahead.) Read the rest of this entry

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