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By the Book: Carrie

by-the-bookNovember 3rd marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Brian DePalma’s instant classic Carrie.  Based off Stephen King’s first published novel, the movie got a forgettable sequel (The Rage: Carrie 2) in 1999, an even more forgettable straight-to-tv remake in 2002, and finally it’s own gritty reboot in 2013.  How do original novel and original movie compare?  And does the 2013 reboot hold up to either?  Find out after the break…(and yes, there will be spoilers for the 43 year old book and 40 year old movie).

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2


I love film sagas. I call them escape films because with film franchises like Twilight, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, and The Hunger Games, my female friends and I can anticipate seeing several installments of our favorite movies as an excuse for a girl’s night out. I look for any excuse to get out of making dinner. After thirty-six years of marriage, I’m tired of looking at that stupid stove.

Today, I did something completely different. My husband and I made arrangements to see the last installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 with our neighbors, Rita and her husband. We went to the morning showing of the film, which meant that I still got home early enough to cook dinner. Damn!  Was Mockingjay – Part 2 worth dragging the hubbies to the movie? Read the rest of this entry

TIFF 2015 Marks Festival’s 40th Anniversary

First Festival of Festivals poster held by director Rosee Lacreta, 1976

It ain’t a mid-life crisis, that’s for sure. September’s just around the corner, and Torontonians know that means it’s time for another Toronto International Film Festival. This incarnation’s one of those zero-numbers people get so excited about, and at forty, TIFF’s getting downright venerable. What started out in 1975 as The Festival of Festivals (Toronto had big eyes back then, and not a whole lot else), has grown from a scrappy little fest in a half-dozen theatres around town to a massive media machine, with over 350 films appearing in its ten-day run. Start up the projector, let’s take a peak at a few treats that lie just ahead.

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Steampunk Granny’s Take on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I


I have a secret to tell you. I have all the Hunger Games books, but I haven’t read any of them yet. I’ve made a conscious decision to watch the films first, and then read the books. This is a reverse of what I normally do, but I’ve found that I’m less disappointed in the films if I don’t come to the table with a fixed notion on how or if the film and book jived. This past Saturday night, I went with a friend to watch the latest addition to the Hunger Games franchise. Did Mockingjay Part 1 meet my expectations? Follow the rose. Read the rest of this entry

31 Days of Horror 2013: Carrie One More Time


Carrie.  I think I’m having a flashback – to the 70’s. Not an acid flashback, but a horror one. I can’t help but feeling I’ve seen this movie before. Its been a horror staple for as long as I can remember and for some reason the Powers That Be in Hollywood decided that a remake of their classic was needed. I know 80 percent of their budgets go to remakes and sequels and this Halloween has been frightfully devoid of the horror movies, but I’m allowed to be a cranky old lady about this remake.

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Carrie vs Escape Plan – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions

Three new movies are looking to draw you in to theatres – but will any of them get your money? Here’s our predictions:

Carrie_Domestic_One-sheetCarrie is a remake of the classic Sissy Spacek/Piper Laurie film, based on Stephen King’s first novel, the story of a girl with some telekinetic and religion issues. In this remake, the talented Chloe Moretz takes on the title character, while the always perfect Julianne Moore is her mother. The selling point here is both the material and the cast, which I think will entice teens and horror fans alike into theatres this weekend, especially with Halloween right around the corner. While many expect Gravity to top the box office for a third weekend in a row, I’m going out on a limb and saying Carrie will claim the top spot with $32 million.

Find out how the rest of the weekend will turn out after the jump!
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31 Days of Horror 2013: Carrie


As we approach yet another remake of Carrie it might be time to take a look at the original, the 1976 film that started it all, and Stephen King’s first novel that gave it life. Meet me after the jump as we get reacquainted with Carrie.

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Saturday At The Movies: Fall in Romance with Don Jon

Don_Jon_PosterJoseph Gordon Lovett (JGL) makes his writing and directorial debut with the romantic comedy Don Jon.  If you’re thinking: why would a Hollywood veteran bother making a sappy, clichéd, trope-filled travesty of a genre film, be prepared to have your misconceptions skewered with the opening frames. JGL makes sure you know his debut is indie in its conception, execution and casting. This is not an emo love story, it’s not an indie film trying to brush up against Hollywood. This is a film that has a powerhouse behind it who can get a first time director’s movie made with big stars that actually has something to say. ‘Safe’ is not a word to use for JGL’s first film. It may have Scarlett Johansson, Tony Danza and Julianne Moore as the main characters in the film, but this could be considered anything but mainstream. Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway also get funny cameo rolls, but as the $9 million opening weekend box office attests to, Hollywood does not consider this film a mainstream winner.  And thank God for that. There is little evidence of Hollywood interference in a movie containing explicit drug use, in your face sex scenes and a narrative thread dedicated solely to porn.

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