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‘Something Happened Behind These Doors’: Season Two Trailer for ‘Jessica Jones’

For many fans of the Marvel TV universe, Jessica Jones is the top contender for biggest badass. She’s sarcastic and surly and subverts all those “strong woman” clichés by being physically powerful but not necessarily wanting the mantle of “heroine,” not to mention superhero.

This trailer for the show’s second season reveals that Jessica (Krysten Ritter) will be forced to confront exactly what was done to her to make her the way she is. She also has to deal with a persistent dude who seeks to absorb her fledgling detective agency. One good thing? She’s got her best friend Trish (Rachael Taylor) by her side.
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Peek into the Cyberpunk Noir World of ‘Altered Carbon’

2017 has been a good year for Netflix original series, perhaps almost TOO good. Just in the last few months, we’ve been treated to Stranger Things 2, Mindhunter, The Punisher, Godless, Dark, and more. In fact, it’s been almost impossible to keep up, which is a great problem to have.

2018 looks to be just as dazzling. Altered Carbon, based on the cyberpunk noir novel by Richard K. Morgan, is an “intriguing story of murder, love, sex, and betrayal, set more than 300 years in the future.”
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TIFF 2017: The Shape of Water PLUS Red Band Trailer

The Shape of Water is, ah, shaping up to be the film of the year. Guillermo del Toro’s latest brilliant film just won the top prize, the Golden Lion, at the Venice Film Festival, and it’s a good bet to win at least The People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. It’s been such a hot ticket, it took me two tries to see it. And that’s at press and industry only screenings! It doesn’t come out until Friday, December 8th in North America, but lucky for all y’awl, the Red Band trailer just dropped. That and a mini-review after the jump!

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe OGN Trailer


Proof that we’re living in the best of all possible worlds: THERE’S A SQUIRREL GIRL GRAPHIC NOVEL AND IT’S AVAILABLE NOW! It’s a stand-alone adventure that’s both great for new Squirrel Girl readers, and also for people who ALREADY know about how she can talk to squirrels and also punch really well! Behold: a story so HUGE it demanded a graphic novel! A story so NUTS that it incorporates BOTH senses of that word (insanity AND the weird hard fruit thingies) (they’re fruits, did you know that?) (I didn’t until I looked them up just now, so looks like we’re all learning science from this solicit text for a comic book!) Squirrel Girl has defeated Thanos, Galactus, and Doctor Doom. TWICE. But in this all-new graphic novel, she’ll encounter her most dangerous, most powerful, most unbeatable enemy yet: HERSELF. Specifically, an evil duplicate made possible through mad science (both computer and regular) as well as some Bad Decisions. In other words, SQUIRREL GIRL BEATS UP THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! We know. You can’t wait either.


New LEGO Dimensions Trailer Brings Together DC Comics’ Mightiest Super Heroes and Super-Villains


The exciting LEGO game where you can have worlds and universes collide and play with your favorite DC Comics heroes as well as The Simpsons, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings is back with new sets to expand the adventure. Meet me after the jump to see what coming in the newest trailer, incorporating the thrills of the new Batman v Superman film.

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Trailer Time: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic Con Trailer

We all knew this was coming.

With the 2015 edition of the San Diego Comic Con in full swing right now, we knew that Warner Brothers would release something new regarding one of next year’s most eagerly anticipated films. And today, they didn’t disappoint fans.

Black versus blue.

God versus man.

Day versus night.

Batman versus Superman.

The one question that remains: what do you think?

Trailer Time: Marvel’s Phase 1 & 2: A Look Back

guardian-of-the-galaxy-poster1As I’m sure you know, Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest film in the Marvel Entertainment line of films, was released last night. Look for it to have a big weekend at the box office – our predictions for it (and the other films available this weekend) will be posted later this afternoon.

In the meantime, Marvel Entertainment has just released a five-plus minute trailer detailing the first and second phases of their movie franchises.

It’s an amazing tapestry of cinematic storytelling that catches you up to where we are right now. Catch it after the jump!

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Trailer Time: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

The Hobbit-The Battle of the Five ArmiesIt’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it?

I can still remember the teaser trainer to the first The Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Ring. I think it was in the fall, nearly fifteen years ago and I was completely captivated by it, freeze-framing every still so that I could get a good look at all the imagery that director Peter Jackson had put on display.

Today, we have our first teaser trailer for the final instalment of The Hobbit trilogy. This is, as they say, the defining chapter of the six films.

Follow me after the jump for an early look at December’s The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

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Trailer Time: Godzilla (Extended Look)

May 16th can’t come soon enough.

It’s a huge date on the 2014 calendar. An enormous date. A monstrous date, some might say, circled, underlined many times and even highlighted. I’ve got arrows scribbled down in my hardcopy agenda pointing to it.

And why?

Don’t play coy! As if you don’t know!

May 16, 2014 is the date that Godzilla gets released in every-imaginable-theatre-around-the-world. Follow me after the jump for the latest jaw-dropping footage!

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Trailer Time: Jupiter Ascending

Love or hate, I pay attention to everything that the filmmaking partnership of Lana and Andy Wachowski produces. I’m never indifferent to their work.


The first Matrix film blew me away. Not so much the sequels. I was befuddled by the still-stunning visuals of Speed Racer and absolutely adored the compelling V For Vendetta. I dug the action of Ninja Assassin and really enjoyed the complex and touching Cloud Atlas. But even while sitting in a theatre and watching one of their films, I always wondered what the next big Wachowski sci-fi storyline would be. Today, we finally get a glimpse.


Long spoken of, if only in quiet and careful conversation, the first trailer for next summer’s Jupiter Ascending dropped today. There isn’t even a poster for the film yet!


Starring Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, and the always-incredible Sean Bean (there’s even a small role given to director Terry Gilliam in the film), take a look at this hard-core sci-fi epic.


It’s only the first trailer, but will Jupiter Ascending be a hit or a miss? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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