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Go South, Go Gothic With THE DARK & BLOODY #1 On The Wednesday Run

The Dark and Bloody #1 coverTwo years ago, television viewing audiences who love gothic horror mingled with their detective genre got a taste of the mind-blowing first season of True Detective.

It was as good as the medium of television could possibly get. Ah hell, it was as good as story could get: brilliant, encompassing fiction that went as deep as a viewer wanted to take it. True Detective was true art.

The series proved that there was a distinct interest in southern gothic horror – that those U.S. states were fodder for great storytelling.

And with the recent revival of the mature and sophisticated imprint from DC Comics called Vertigo Comics, horror is once again front and center. This week sees the release of The Dark & Bloody #1. Follow me after the jump for the horrific details!

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The X-Files: Season 4

x-files logo

“The X-Files” is returning to FOX on January 24, 2016. Join Mieke Zamora-Mackay as she recaps each season for this popular TV show in preparation for the arrival of “The X-Files” Season 10.  In this post she recaps season four.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Books To Accompany Your Fave Movies and TV Shows

As the holidays approach, many of us wish we’d had the time to watch all those movies and TV shows that people have been talking about all year. With so many great things appearing on the big and small screens, it’s easy to forget about how many books there are waiting to be read, too. But not just any books; I’m talking about those which would make the perfect side dish to your main course of movie and TV entrees (or vice versa, if you prefer).

Here are four book and Blu-ray/DVD combo meals to whet your appetite.


True Detective, Season 2 DVD/Blu-Ray and James Ellroy’s White Jazz: While folks are still divided on whether or not True Detective Season 2 was on par with the HBO show’s first season, I still think it’s worth watching (and rewatching) not only for its complex narrative and the terrific acting of the cast, but also because it is the spiritual brethren to the Los Angeles noir fiction of James Ellroy. To get a good feel for the seedy underbelly of L.A. that seems to have inspired the show, check out Ellroy’s White Jazz. True Detective Season 2 won’t hit shelves until January 5, 2016, so you’ve got time to read this gripping fourth installment of Ellroy’s L.A. Quartet before then. (White Jazz on; Pre-order True Detective Season 2 on Read the rest of this entry

Biff Bam Popcast: The True Detective Season 2 Edition

Andy Burns, Glenn Walker, JP Fallavollita and James Knipp of Biff Bam Pop are joined by Leslie Moore of Popshifter to talk about the just completed second season of True Detective. Watch it live beginning at 10 pm EST Monday August 10th, or watch on demand following the shows completion.

True Detective S02 E08: The Omega Station

I’m not sure how they did it, but “True Detective” pulled a rabbit from their hat to close out season two.  Granted, it was a snarling, 300-pound rabbit with matted fur and a taste for blood,

...with a taster for babies...

…and babies…

…but they took what had been an uneven, frustrating season and turned it around with a gripping closing episode filled with action, tension, and emotion.  Lots to cover after the break.

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True Detective S02 E07: Black Maps and Motel Rooms


Oh, hi there, True Detective!  How nice of you to finally show up, 7/8ths of a season later.  Oh, I know you’ve given some hints that you were around, like in episode three and four, when you blew everyone away;  but then you’d turn around and get lazy on me, spend an episode where your characters wander in circles for an hour, or one where you add a bunch of new plot lines that appear to have nothing to do with anything.

So really, TD, do you think you can just walk in here in seven hours late, with your taut storytelling, your character reveals, and your plot lines all nicely tied together and I’ll just forgive you?  Well do you?  Do you!!!!? Find out after the break.

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True Detective S02 E06: Church in Ruins


True Detective” continues its messy second season with an ‘everything AND the kitchen sink’ episode six.  Clues start to fall into place, Ray and Frank take turns trying to channel Mike Brady, and the crew participates in the strangest, most far-fetched party infiltration since Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks had to save the virgin Connie Swail from the clutches of P.A.G.A.N.  An episode that was three parts tension tempered by two parts silliness, nonetheless, it got the job done and set us up for the final quarter of the season.  Find out more after the break.

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True Detective S02 E05: Other Lives


“It’s never too late to start all over again,” Ani Bezzerides assures a reluctant Ray Velcoro; and apparently our “True Detective” showrunners took that advice to heart, as episode five explodes in a tangled highway of new and resurfaced plotlines that bring us back to the bad old days of episode one.  Find out what I really think after the break!

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True Detective S02 E04: Down Will Come

CRAP! I had to go and waste a good “Game of Thrones” comparison way back in episode two of “True Detective,” didn’t I? For one stinking, surprising  killing of a major character (who didn’t even stay dead!) Now what am I going to do? I can’t use the same line!

Hell with it, I’m going there again. “True Detective” interrupts a perfectly serviceable, quiet episode with a “Game of Thrones”-ian style blood bath that left you unable to look away from the screen (or take notes for a recap), find out what I think (as if you don’t already know) after the break.

...all it needed was this guy swooping in from the valley and it would have been perfect...

All it needed was this guy swooping in from The Valley and it would have been perfect…

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True Detective S02 E03: Maybe Tomorrow

Our second season of “True Detective” may have finally found its stride as we discover Ray Velcoro’s fate, get some more character backstory, and say a tearful goodbye to Stan in an exquisitely tense and weird episode three.  Find out more after the break.

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