Trailer Time: Train To Busan Follow-Up, Peninsula

Train To Busan breathed new life into the tired zombie genre back in 2016, and it’s creator Yeon Sang-Ho followed that up with an in-universe animated prequel called Seoul Station. Further expanding the Busan story, the trailer for the much-anticipated sequel, Peninsula, is available for all you Train-heads to put into your eyes.

Peninsula takes place four years after the events of Train to Busan and follows a separate story thread about a soldier who must return to an overrun South Korea to obtain something of value. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that the budget, scope, and set pieces for this one are much bigger than it’s predecessor, and promises a much more ostentatious experience. You know I’m here for that.

As with anything film-related in these, the End Times, nothing is for certain. It was assumed that Peninsula would have had a premiere at Cannes this year with a theatrical release to follow soon after, but as I’ve been telling my kids when they ask if they’re ever going back to school again, who knows? Stay tuned to Biff Bam Pop for more news, when we get it!

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