The Week In Horror: ‘True Detective,’ ‘C.H.U.D.,’ ‘The Rain,’ + More

Happy Easter, Passover, and April Fools Day, fiends! I’m sure everyone watched Alice Cooper’s turn as King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar, after watching the best Easter movie, Mick Garris’s Critters 2! This week, we’ve got True Detective news, casting news that isn’t casting news, something brewing in the sewers, flesh-munching at Netflix, and more Stephen King.

Saulnier exits True Detective Season 3

Sad news for fans of HBO’s True Detective and Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier. According to Bloody Disgusting, the director is parting ways with the show after two episodes. Alleged “scheduling conflicts” were cited, but Saulnier himself posted on Twitter a simple “No comment.” Season 3 of the hit series doesn’t seem to be in jeopardy, though.

C.H.U.D. crawls into comics

You’re sitting at home, and you start to feel a void at the very center of your soul. Something is missing. At first, you’re not sure what it might be, then it hits you: you need more Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers in your life. Well, good news, fiends: C.H.U.D. is back! In anthology form! That’s right, Crystal Lake Publishing is releasing a new story collection based in the C.H.U.D. universe featuring a number of great authors and hits the street April 27.

Here comes The Rain

Doing anything new within the zombie subgenre is nothing short of a miracle. When it seems like every angle has been done to death, and then Train to Busan comes along and reminds you why you liked zombies to begin with. Netflix is banking on a new zombie series called The Rain, which debuts May 4. The show sounds like it has a chance to set itself apart from The Walking Dead. In the story, most of Scandinavia is wiped out by a toxic rain. Some years later a group of survivors emerge from a bunker and start looking for other survivors.

The Tommyknockers knocks again

Is this news worthy? Another Stephen King adaptation remake? This time James Wan will be tackling Tommyknockers. I can’t get too excited about this one, since I never finished the book, or saw the original film, but then again, it is James Wan. Wan is currently in Atlantis working on the new Aquaman movie, starring Jason Mamoa.  

No more Mr. Sinister?

Jon Hamm was slated to play Mr. Sinister in the New Mutants film, but now…isn’t? According to The Tracking Board, “Jon Hamm was originally going to appear as Mr. Sinister in a tag at the end of New Mutants, and [director Josh] Boone filmed material that led up to that reveal, only for Fox to change their minds after shooting had been completed. Now it’ll be Antonio Banderas playing an unspecified villain (one who isn’t expected to be Mr. Sinister) in the New Mutants tag.”

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