Heroes & Villains: Winston Gambro’s “Overflow” and Henson’s Halloween Hangover

Find out why reading Winston Gambro’s Overflow had E.A. Henson muttering to himself, “Yeah, that could be like five years from now…”

The Walking Dead

31 Days of Horror 2021: Walkers Everywhere Should Bite Into “The Art of The Walking Dead Universe”

The Art of The Walking Dead Universe is genuinely a must-have for devotees of the series; the only question is, which version do you buy.

31 Days Of Horror 2021 Presents The Wednesday Run: Discover a Crusade for a Famous Serial Killer in “Cross To Bear #1”

Cross To Bear is a riveting story for those that are fascinated by stories of murder, mystery, Jack the Ripper, the Crusades or the history of America’s Old West frontier.

31 Days of Horror 2021 Presents In The Game: “Back 4 Blood” & “Alan Wake Remastered” are Welcome Returns of Two Horror Classics

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Black Stars Above

31 Days of Horror 2021 Presents Read This Book: Five Books Perfect For Spooky Season

In this special edition of Read This Book, Uncle Highlander shares five spooky books perfect for the season.