Tribeca Film Festival Shorts: Zach Woods’ ‘David’ & Aubrey Smyth’s ‘Liza Anonymous’ Reviews

Reviews of short films ‘David’ and ‘Liza Anonymous’ from Dorianne Emmerton (@headonist) at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival!

Who Goes There?

Fantasia 2020: Astrid Thorvaldsen’s Who Goes There? Packs a Lot of Dread Into A Small Package

Who Goes There? was shortlisted for a Student BAFTA Award this year, and its precise execution is a good reason why.

Tingle Monsters

Final Girls Film Festival Review – Alexandra Serio’s ‘Tingle Monsters’

Projects like Alexandra Serio’s Tingle Monsters are a reason why Final Girls and other festivals that specifically give women and non-binary filmmakers a platform are so important.

Fantasia 2019: Izzy Lee’s Short Film, ‘Re-Home,’ Tears Down the Wall

Filmmaker Izzy Lee continues to dazzle and provoke discussion with her politically-charged short film, ‘Re-Home,’ showing at this year’s Fantasia Fest.

The Breakthroughs Film Festival Showcases New Storytelling Perspectives

The 7th annual Breakthroughs Film Festival is set to take place in Toronto at the Royal Cinema on June 15th and 16th, highlighting emerging female filmmakers from around the world.

Kickstart This! ‘Gacha Gacha,’ From the Creators of ‘Cat Sick Blues’

There’s a short film called Gacha Gacha that deserves your attention and your money. Why should you care? I’ll tell you.