Gilbert Speaks on Destry Allyn Spielberg’s “Let Me Go (The Right Way)”

What do you get when the offspring of famous actors, directors, writers, and producers get together? You get one hell of a thriller!

Let Me Go (The Right Way)

From the people at Alter, Let Me Go (The Right Way) is a short film that was directed by Destry Allyn Spielberg (daughter of Steven Spielberg). The film was written by Owen King (son of Stephen King) and stars Hopper Penn, Brian D’arcy James, and Pooya Mohseni. This amazing short story begins when a young veteran, Aiden (Harper Penn, son of Sean Penn) is convinced that he is being manipulated by an outside source. Aiden makes an appointment to visit Dr. Kemp (Brian D’arcy James) for help.

Aiden is convinced that someone has changed things in his house. For example, he tells the kindly doctor that an old record by the Supremes had been tampered with. Confused, the doctor inquires as to what was changed. Aiden tells him that the label on the old 45 was altered. Dr. Kemp recommends some vitamins and a certain brand of beer. Beer? At first, it appears that Aiden is doing better, but then he meets a stranger (Pooya Mohseni) on the bus. She is dressed in purple. She tells Aiden not to take the pills. If that wasn’t puzzling enough, Aiden’s co-workers where Aiden is the bank guard have begun calling him by a different name.

Dr. Kemp is always courteous and patient, but after hearing this latest hallucination from Aiden, he decides to have Aiden forcibly admitted to a psych unit…and that is when the horror begins.


Let Me Go (The Right Way) premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and is now available to watch on Alter now. I really enjoyed watching this short film. The ending is unexpected, and delivers that gut punch that was not on my bingo card. My only complaint? I wish it was a full length feature film.

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