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The Audacious Eleven Podcast: -isms


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents The Audacious Eleven Podcast, featuring Wendy Sheridan, Mary McGinley, Donna Juzva, and Biff Bam Pop’s own Robin Renee.

Audacious Eleven is a reality podcast that ventures from Pagan spirituality and life empowerment to technology, entrepreneurship, love, sex, and fandom.  This week, the topic is -isms, find out more after the jump.

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More Than Skin Deep Is THE BEAUTY #1 On The Wednesday Run

The Beauty 1 coverOver the last few days, a segment of comedian and political commentator John Oliver’s television show Last Week Tonight has been making the social media rounds.

If you didn’t catch it on air, or on Facebook or Twitter, you can watch it here, as it brilliantly ridicules the absurdity of the wide varietal, and often lacking, sexual education curriculum between school districts in the United States.

And that brings us to this week’s comic book pick, which just happens to fall within the science fiction genre. Because, let’s face it: what’s better than mixing sex with science fiction?

Follow me after the jump to get the skinny on the first issue of The Beauty.

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The GAR! Podcast: Sex and Star Wars


Biff Bam Pop! presents The GAR! Podcast, the Glenn Walker and Ray Cornwall weekly podcast where they talk unrehearsed about whatever happens to come to mind. It’s an audio-zine for your mind, a nerd exploration of a nerd world, coming to you from across the vastness of suburban New Jersey via Skype. This week, we’re talking about Star Wars, cats, and yes, sex, not together, and not in that order, along with all the usual stuff. See and hear more after the jump.

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True Blood S07 E01: Jesus Gonna Be Here


The opening episode of the final season of HBO’s “True Blood” is here. We begin with a bang and a special episode directed by Vampire Bill Compton himself – Stephen Moyer. So if you’re ready, and have perused last season’s recaps, and read my show primer earlier this week, meet me after the jump for my review of “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

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True Blood Final Season Primer


Season seven is the final one for HBO’s “True Blood,” and we’ll be reviewing it episode-by-episode here at Biff Bam Pop!. New to the show, or just need a refresher from last season? Here’s the place to start. Got your fangs in and the top popped from a cool warm bottle of Tru Blood? Then you’re ready. Check out Biff Bam Pop!’s Final Season Primer for “True Blood,” right after the jump.

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My Take on NBC’s Dracula


Created by journalist and comic book writer Cole Haddon in his first TV endeavor, and run by the genius behind “Carnivale” Daniel Knauf, NBC’s “Dracula” was one of the shows of the new season I was looking forward to. A steampunk version of Dracula on the small screen sounds so intriguing, let’s see how it actually holds up.

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Saturday At The Movies: The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982)

Blade Runner, Conan the Barbarian, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Thing. All classic films that have lived on within our collective affair with pop culture and genre film.

It’s 1982’s – arguably the best single year in cinematic history for the b-list and c-list pulp fantasy/sci-fi genre film. And although you’re sure to remember those great movies listed above, do you remember The Beastmaster? Megaforce? The Dark Crystal? Swamp Thing? Of course you do. Hell, 1982 was downright awesome! And although I wasn’t old enough to see any of these latter films in the theatre, I caught them all on rented VHS using the family’s new cinder block of a video player.

Sure, some of those films haven’t aged as well as others, but there’s one specific fantasy film that I still return to, again and again – a cult film that everyone (specifically 1982’s teenage boys) will remember with excitement, delight and admiration (not to mention gawking enthusiasm over the female form). That film is Albert Pyun’s The Sword and the Sorcerer.

Why? Oh, there are so many reasons!

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Michael Biehn Crafts A Solid First Film – The Victim Reviewed

Making the leap from actor to director can be a tricky business. Not everybody can be Ben Affleck, right? Sometimes, you wind up William Shatner. In the case of Michael Biehn, best know for his roles in James Cameron flicks like Terminator, The Abyss and Aliens, the actor manages to make a strong first feature with The Victim.

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Black Kiss 2 #1 Is Signed, Sealed And Hopefully Delivered On The Wednesday Run – August 1, 2012

When it comes to comic books and comic book stores, I have three distinct memories of the latter half of the 1980’s:

First, I remember buying multiple copies of the premiere issue of Justice League. The local comic book shop I frequented had a two-copy limit on purchases of it so I used my younger brother (who didn’t read comics) as an excuse to exceed that threshold. I cashed out with a part-timer, but the owner actually chased me into the parking lot to verify my story! Easily done when you have a bemused – and in on the game – Dad waiting for you in the car.

Secondly, I remember forlornly waiting for the last, delayed issue of Watchmen, every extra week, an eternity. “I did it thirty-five minutes ago” has an entirely different meaning in my world.

Lastly, I remember standing inside my local comic book shop in the summer of 1988 and looking up at the top shelf of the bookrack behind the cash register – the rack where many European comics were kept on display – wondering, “What’s in that sealed plastic bag?”

That, my comic book loving friends, was what the late 1980’s, had become. That was Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss #1.

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Saturday at the Movies: Shame

Shame is the latest from Steven McQueen, a writer/director who is known for boldly dramatizing intense subject matter (as in his last movie, Hunger).

Starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, I expected nothing less of Shame… but wasn’t totally prepared for its depth of psycho-sexuality. Certainly not a film for the shy or sexually repressed, Shame is a steep descent in to the tortured psyche, and the needs that drive us towards others.

Watch this Alliance movie trailer and read more after the break…

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