Heroes & Villans: Lemire & Hester’s Family Tree, Kindt & Smith’s Folklords

E.A. Henson weighs in on new books from Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt in this week’s Heroes & Villains.

Saga Compendium Volume 1, Image Comics, Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples, Saga, science fiction, fantasy, comic book, compilation

Epic Story In An Epic Book Is The ‘Saga Compendium Vol. 1’ On The Wednesday Run

Comicdom’s greatest sci-fi fantasy series, Saga, gets a massively epic compendium publication that collects the entire series…thus far!

The Walking Dead #193, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Image Comics, The Walking Dead

R.I.P. For The Ever-Living ‘The Walking Dead’ #193 On The Wednesday Run

The long-standing series that changed comic book publishing and cemented creator ownership in the comic book business finally comes to an end after a 15-year run with The Walking Dead #193!


Heroes and Villains: Middlewest #1 & Don’t Be Afraid of Spoilers

Well, would you look at that! Another 5th Week on the calendar which means that normal books are a bit light today. Still, I’m going to start the hype machine … Continue reading Heroes and Villains: Middlewest #1 & Don’t Be Afraid of Spoilers