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Supernatural Slasher ‘Inoperable’ Needs Saving

Directed by Christopher Lawrence Chapman, 2017’s Inoperable stars Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 and 5) as a traffic accident victim who wakes up in a seemingly abandoned hospital, during a category 5 hurricane in Tampa, Florida. Dark forces have been awakened within the hospital by the hurricane and Harris’ character must find a way out before the hurricane ends or be trapped forever. Read the rest of this entry


31 Days of Horror 2014: See No Evil 2 (2014)

soskas-webBack in the 1980’s, Stephen King famously said that he had seen the new face of horror and that it belonged to Clvie Barker. Now, while I know I’m not anywhere the Master’s league, whenever I think about the work of Jen and Sylvia Soska, I feel as though they’re the new “new” face of horror. If that’s the case, the genre is in good hands.

Like many, I first discovered the Soska Sisters with their groundbreaking, body modification horror film, American Mary. A low budget movie that doesn’t look it, American Mary features a stellar performance by the luminous Katharine Isabelle as a med student who enters the lucrative world of body modification surgery. The film is often gruesome, but it doesn’t rely on the gore; this is a character driven horror flick at its finest (it’s on Netflix and TMN in Canada and is absolutely worth your time; even my mom thought it was “interesting”, which, believe me, is high praise).

This week, the Soska Sisters return with their latest directorial effort, See No Evil 2, a sequel to a film I never saw in the first place. The original stars WWE superstar Glenn “Kane” Jacobs as serial killer Jacob Goodnight, who was apparently killed at the end of the first film, but you know how these things go. Instead, Goodnight returns to terrorize a bunch of students at a morgue where birthday girl Amy (Danielle Harris) has to work late.

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Biff Bam Pop Exclusive: An Interview With Among Friends’ Writer/Actor Alyssa Lobit

Today sees the release of Among Friends, the directorial debut of Danielle Harris, the talented scream queen who genre fans know from the Halloween and Hatchet films, along with her recent co-staring role in the excellent film The Victim from Michael Biehn in his own directorial debut. Among Friends also stars Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, who herself co-starred with Harris in The Victim, which was directed by her husband. It’d a nice little circle going on here, one which is completed by the wonderful Alyssa Lobit, who wrote and stars in Among Friends alongside her friend, Jennifer.

Among Friends is the story of a group of longtime pals whose live suddenly unravel when one amongst them decides to reveal all of their lies and mis-deeds. The script is clever and raises questions about just how much we all really know about the group of people we hang around. Danielle Harris does an excellent job as director, keeping the pace moving. She also delivers a fantastic, tripped out scene in the middle of the film that should definitely make her highlight reel.

We have an interview with Harris coming soon, but today we’re happy to bring you an email interview I conducted with writer/star Alyssa Lobit. Alyssa and I were scheduled to meet this past Friday of Fan Expo Canada, but family commitments meant I had to go the email route. The Queen and I did get a chance to chat with Alyssa and her boyfriend at a party Saturday night, and I can tell you, she was immediately engaging, both with me and my wife. Getting the chance to talk with her about pop culture, the business and more was a highlight of the evening.

So, check out the trailer for Among Friends, and then jump into our interview with Alyssa Lobit after the jump!

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31 Days Of Horror – Exclusive Interview With Actor/Director/Scream Queen Danielle Harris

When it comes to scream queens, Danielle Harris reigns over them all in the 21st Century. She started out as Michael Myers’ niece in Halloween’s IV and V, and even appeared as a different character in Rob Zombie’s two films as well. Growing up she also starred in Free Willy, The Last Boy Scout and in episodes of Roseanne, while today she’s in demand as both an actor in The Victim and, with Among Friends, a first time director.

It’s no surprise that Danielle is crazy busy at this time of year, but she was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to talk about her role in The Victim, look back on the Halloween films she was a part of and much, much more. Check out the trailer for The Victim below and then hit the jump for our exclusive interview with Danielle.

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Michael Biehn Crafts A Solid First Film – The Victim Reviewed

Making the leap from actor to director can be a tricky business. Not everybody can be Ben Affleck, right? Sometimes, you wind up William Shatner. In the case of Michael Biehn, best know for his roles in James Cameron flicks like Terminator, The Abyss and Aliens, the actor manages to make a strong first feature with The Victim.

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