More Than Skin Deep Is THE BEAUTY #1 On The Wednesday Run

The Beauty 1 coverOver the last few days, a segment of comedian and political commentator John Oliver’s television show Last Week Tonight has been making the social media rounds.

If you didn’t catch it on air, or on Facebook or Twitter, you can watch it here, as it brilliantly ridicules the absurdity of the wide varietal, and often lacking, sexual education curriculum between school districts in the United States.

And that brings us to this week’s comic book pick, which just happens to fall within the science fiction genre. Because, let’s face it: what’s better than mixing sex with science fiction?

Follow me after the jump to get the skinny on the first issue of The Beauty.

The Beauty #1

Written by: Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley

Illustrated by: Jeremy Haun

Published by: Image Comics

The Beauty is a series that, like the best science fiction, holds a mirror up to the world we live in today. In a society that is obsessed with outward appearances, beauty – physical perfection – can be obtained. But only through a sexually transmitted disease.

Writer Jason A. Hurley and writer-artist Jeremy Haun (Constantine, Batwoman) have developed a police procedural with characters Detectives Foster and Vaughn investigating the price paid in the attainment of perfection: corruption, crime, and death. Grisly, ugly, death. In The Beauty, we’ll all discover the price of beauty – and how that price can kill.

Watch the great trailer put together for The Beauty directly below. It’s a trailer that evokes the noir feel of the series and gives a fantastic feel for the riveting near-term science fiction drama.

With our society’s inherent interest in cosmetic applications, cosmetic surgery, diets and fashion, and our overwhelming interest in movie and pop stars The Beauty will be a series that not only entertains, but also makes a reader think. It’s a valid critique of our everyday existence – from a vantage point that you haven’t seen or thought of before.

Make the run to you local comic book store and pick up The Beauty #1.

THE BEAUTY Trailer from Bad Karma on Vimeo.

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