Less Lee Moore’s Faves of 2017

Despite all of the horrors we witnessed in 2017, all was not lost on the pop culture front. Many of us found solace in TV, movies, and music.

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) Of Movies: Where To Now?

So Deadpool was apparently a big learning experience for all the companies building their own Cinematic Universes. Apparently the main lesson they learned was that an R-Rated genre film could, in … Continue reading The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) Of Movies: Where To Now?

The Outrage of Ultron

Marvel Comics released an original graphic novel this week, Avengers: Rage of Ultron, written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Jerome Opena, with Pepe Larraz, and additional inks by Mark … Continue reading The Outrage of Ultron

Infinity: Avengers Above

We have been waiting for this for a long time, since the beginning of Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity actually, this is it – the Avengers vs. the forces of Thanos to … Continue reading Infinity: Avengers Above

Infinity: Avengers Worlds

‘Avengers World,’ or ‘Avengers Universe,’ are terms that have been bandied about since Jonathan Hickman started working on the franchise. Now it looks like we might be finding out what … Continue reading Infinity: Avengers Worlds

Infinity: Collapse

In Marvel Comics current big event, Infinity by Jonathan Hickman, the Avengers are in deep space fighting a losing battle along with the Galactic Council against the mysterious and powerful … Continue reading Infinity: Collapse

Battle of the Atom: Past, Present, and Future

A wise man once said, “Time travel makes my head hurt.” After reading the first two chapters of Marvel Comics new X-Men crossover event, Battle of the Atom, I think … Continue reading Battle of the Atom: Past, Present, and Future

Infinity: Fall

The Avengers have journeyed into deep space to join the Galactic Council against the powerful, mysterious invaders known as The Builders. As they reel from an overwhelming defeat at the … Continue reading Infinity: Fall

March Madness – I Am Legion

From the desk of Doctor Leonard Samson: David Haller is a young boy trapped in the body of a man and lost in a maelstrom of emotions he can’t understand. … Continue reading March Madness – I Am Legion