Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 3

These comic book collections at the lower end of the price spectrum are perfect for friends and family that love our favourite pop culture medium.

Now Is The Time For “Seven To Eternity #1” On The Wednesday Run

As regularly occurs at least once or twice a year, last week I began sifting though my collection of old comic book sci-fi and fantasy magazines published in the early … Continue reading Now Is The Time For “Seven To Eternity #1” On The Wednesday Run

The Outrage of Ultron

Marvel Comics released an original graphic novel this week, Avengers: Rage of Ultron, written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Jerome Opena, with Pepe Larraz, and additional inks by Mark … Continue reading The Outrage of Ultron

First Look at Miracleman #1!

Marvel Comics has had the rights to Miracleman (or Marvelman, pick your poison) for quite some time now, and it’s been a waiting game to see what they do with … Continue reading First Look at Miracleman #1!

Infinity: Avengers Worlds

‘Avengers World,’ or ‘Avengers Universe,’ are terms that have been bandied about since Jonathan Hickman started working on the franchise. Now it looks like we might be finding out what … Continue reading Infinity: Avengers Worlds

Infinity: Thor!

In the last issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity, one of Marvel Comics’ current ongoing crossover events, we were promised that the mighty Thor, founding Avenger and Norse god of thunder, … Continue reading Infinity: Thor!

Infinity: Fall

The Avengers have journeyed into deep space to join the Galactic Council against the powerful, mysterious invaders known as The Builders. As they reel from an overwhelming defeat at the … Continue reading Infinity: Fall

Mighty Marvel March: Avengers NOW!

The Brian Michael Bendis era is over. The guiding hand of the Avengers franchise at Marvel Comics has essentially relinquished control of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the advent of Marvel … Continue reading Mighty Marvel March: Avengers NOW!