Tim Murr Lists His Faves of 2017

Oh 2017, what happened? I remember looking forward to ’16 ending, with high hopes for the coming year, but then Trump shat all over the country and… no, positivity only here. Only the best stuff of the last year!

It’s been almost exactly a year since I became acquainted with the films and writing of Izzy Lee, starting with her excellent take on Lovecraftian lore, Innsmouth, followed then by A Favor, Postpartum, and For A Good Time Call…, and more recently Rites Of Vengeance, which may be her best yet. I’ve become a big fan and I believe she’s only a feature away from taking shit over.

Jill Gervargizian is another great director I was thrilled to learn about this year. Her stunning short The Stylist is as beautiful as it is disturbing. She also directed the cool and creepy Call Girl, starring Laurence Harvey and Tristan Risk. Like, Izzy, I think horror fans will be talking about her the way we talk about Carpenter and Romero.

As he closes in on 50 years in the business, Alice Cooper released another excellent album, maintaining a streak of quality recordings that NO ONE has matched. Paranormal is a blessing for long time fans. We are so lucky to still have Alice out there on the road.

With the sad passing of both George Romero and Tobe Hooper, it was a good time to revisit some old friends. Scream Factory had released lovingly restored editions of Romero’s Day Of The Dead and Hooper’s Lifeforce. Both films are underrated classics and I love them dearly.

Brass Hearse (an unholy alliance of Wolfmen Of Mars and Colonel Creep) and Werewolves In Siberia released some great new music this year. Brass Hearse’s self-titled album is a cocktail of psychedelic punk synth and Werewolves In Siberia’s The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night continues Chris’s fascinating journey into the heart of dark synth.

Being the comic book nerd I am, I’ve had a great time at the cinema this year with the excellent Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. I also found Justice League to be way better than many critics and fans did. Spider-Man: Homecoming was a nice surprise and Logan was the best Wolverine and/or X-Men film thus far.

On TVGotham continues to be great with the debuts of Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, and Professor Pyg. I love how the show seamlessly weaves elements of science fiction and horror into a police drama. Legion blew me away. So aesthetically pleasing in every way, with a fantastic cast and intriguing story. It’s a bit like X-Men meets The Prisoner. David Fincher’s Netflix Mindhunter series was another nice surprise, detailing the FBI’s attempt to understand and profile serial killers.

Bring on 2018!

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