Infinity: Avengers Above

We have been waiting for this for a long time, since the beginning of Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity actually, this is it – the Avengers vs. the forces of Thanos to … Continue reading Infinity: Avengers Above

Infinity: Avengers Worlds

‘Avengers World,’ or ‘Avengers Universe,’ are terms that have been bandied about since Jonathan Hickman started working on the franchise. Now it looks like we might be finding out what … Continue reading Infinity: Avengers Worlds

Infinity: Fall

The Avengers have journeyed into deep space to join the Galactic Council against the powerful, mysterious invaders known as The Builders. As they reel from an overwhelming defeat at the … Continue reading Infinity: Fall

Infinity: Avengers in Space

Jonathan Hickman’s mega-epic in the Marvel Universe, Infinity, continues this week in the main, and adjective-less Avengers title. The galaxy’s various empires are uniting against a common enemy, The Builders, … Continue reading Infinity: Avengers in Space