Infinity: Thor!

In the last issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity, one of Marvel Comics’ current ongoing crossover events, we were promised that the mighty Thor, founding Avenger and Norse god of thunder, … Continue reading Infinity: Thor!

Infinity: Collapse

In Marvel Comics current big event, Infinity by Jonathan Hickman, the Avengers are in deep space fighting a losing battle along with the Galactic Council against the mysterious and powerful … Continue reading Infinity: Collapse

Infinity: Going Through the Motions

Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity event at Marvel Comics continues this week in two crossover tie-in stories. In Captain Marvel #15, the Avengers in deep space try to recover from the disastrous … Continue reading Infinity: Going Through the Motions

Infinity: Avengers in Space

Jonathan Hickman’s mega-epic in the Marvel Universe, Infinity, continues this week in the main, and adjective-less Avengers title. The galaxy’s various empires are uniting against a common enemy, The Builders, … Continue reading Infinity: Avengers in Space