Recapping Fan Expo 2019 Day 3

Since our Glorious Leader and The Princess covered Thursday and Friday of Fan Expo Canada, I’m stepping in to cover Saturday!

It’s been about four years since I last attended a major comic con and, while I don’t intend to name and shame them here, I can say that I was more than okay with not going again. I’ve still dropped in on the occasional small cons held at local VFW of K of C halls to dig through the dollar bins but the bloom was off the rose for the major conventions.

Fan Expo Canada has changed that for me.

As I stated above, I attended the Saturday portion of the event and it was by far one of the best-organized conventions in my 20-odd years of con going. Most of the cons I’ve attended had a very Keystone Kops vibe to them, with the staff not having much of a clue as to what’s going on. The Fan Expo staff was friendly and seemed to be exactly where they needed to be when they needed to be there. I was in line, got my badge, and off to the races before I even had a chance to complain about the line.

Also, I meandered around for about half an hour before I figured out that there was A SECOND BUILDING FULL OF CONVENTIONS STUFF. In my defense, I hadn’t so much as looked at a map before walking in so this was a pleasant revelation for me.

There was a ton of cool stuff to check out in the other building in addition to your typical convention fare. I didn’t go out of my way to talk to any creators because, most likely, it would have been a short, one-sided conversation of, “I REVIEWED YOUR BOOK. I LIKED IT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.” Being nervous, tired, and oh-so-sweaty in front of some of my favorite creators probably isn’t the best way to represent the site.

At one point during the day, I happened upon the PlayStation booth and was pleased to see that they were running a demo of the remasters of one of my all-time favorite PS1 games, MediEvil. I got a chance to play the aforementioned demo and it was fantastic. I cannot wait for it to be released this October. I may or may not be playing the original currently on my hacked PS1 Classic in preparation for its release.

Here’s an odd bit of praise for Fan Expo…it was without a doubt the best smelling convention I’ve ever been to. In my several hours on the show floor, I detected nary a whiff of B.O. and was astounded by that fact. In my decades of attending shows stateside, I’ve run into odors that would stop you dead in your tracks. Like the collective rage and hate of every internet message board and troll Twitter account had been given physical form to walk the convention. But not Fan Expo! It was like strolling through a Spring meadow. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing and things really are better over here?

Thanks, Fan Expo! I had a blast and I’ll for sure be coming back. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a train to catch.

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