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11/22/63 on 11/22/13


Fifty years ago today President John F. Kennedy was taken from us by an assassin’s bullet. On this tragic anniversary, we’re going to take a look at the novel 11/22/63 by master storyteller Stephen King. In this tale of time travel, it poses the question that if you could, would you go back in time and save JFK? And if it was possible, would you be able to pull it off and how? Meet me after the jump, for my thoughts on the multiple award winning 11/22/63.

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The Comic Stop: Hoax Hunters #6 Aims To Bunk The Debunkers In A New Storyline

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that we here at Biff Bam Pop! love our monsters, our aliens, our paranormal and our conspiracy theories. These topics just seem to root, enjoyably so, deep in our pop-culture love lives. And that’s why we’re enamoured with the comic book series Hoax Hunters, published monthly from Image Comics.

Hoax Hunters scratches that deep-rooted itch in a firm, sharp-nailed, and oh-so satisfying manner. It tells the story of the eccentric hosts of the Hoax Hunters television series – a program dedicated to de-bunking all of those Moth Man, Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Nessie, ghost and witch stories that we’ve all heard while growing up (or when listening to Coast to Coast each evening). Heck, every once in a while these legends still make the mainstream news!

The most recent story arc (issue #’s 0-5 of the series) has just wrapped up and last month saw the release of the first Hoax Hunters trade paperback, compiling them. That book comes highly recommended – exciting times, indeed! But best of all, this week sees the release of issue #6, which starts up a brand new storyline and makes for a great “jumping on” point for new readers.

Find out why below…

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Star Wars VII Coming as Disney Buys Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4.05B

Lucas DisneyStar Wars fans must have felt a tremor in the force today when their greatest wet dream (or horrific nightmare) became a 2015 reality… As reported by Wired and a million other parts of the interweb, Disney has purchased Lucasfilm Ltd. and the incredibly lucrative Star Wars franchise in a deal worth $4.05 billion.

Whatever you may think of the franchise, this is a big deal. Disney is stockpiling franchises it seems, grabbing Pixar, Marvel and now Lucasfilms Ltd. in the past 7 years.

For some, this is good news; securing the longevity of the Star Wars franchise with a new film promised for 2015. But the reaction wasn’t entirely positive…

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Big Ideas On The Big Screen – Phillip K. Dick In Hollywood

Words like “imaginative”, “mind-bending”, and “psychologically unsettling” are often applied to the science-fiction novels of Phillip K. Dick. He wrote stories with big ideas.

At the same time, his novels have been almost uncomfortably fertile ground for adaptation into big-budget Hollywood films – some faithfully, and some very, very loosely. And while we’re on the subject of Total Recall, let me mention Dick’s short story, “We Can Remember it for You Wholesale”. The story of a quiet, unassuming man who tries to book a virtual vacation only to find out that it’s actually happened has become a massive, explosive, ultraviolent action movie not once, but twice.

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It’s No Myth: Hoax Hunters Issue 1 Is A Great Read

I was out with a good friend of mine the other night, who got to talking about one of his co-workers who he labeled a right-wing conspiracy nut.

“This guy talks about UFOs and the Illuminati, all that stuff,” my friend told me. I smiled at him.

“Hey man, I listen to conspiracy theory radio everyday at work. Don’t get me started on the moon landing.” My buddy gave me a once over and started laughing.

“I didn’t know that about you!”

Yup, I love me a good conspiracy. Makes sense then, that I loved the first issue of Hoax Hunters, the new Image comic from Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley.
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The Comic Stop Exclusive Interview: Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley and JM Ringuet on Story, Art, Cryptoids And A Comic Book Called Hoax Hunters

A few weeks ago, the Hoax Hunters introductory issue #0, published by Image Comics, made the Biff Bam Pop! Wednesday Run as the hot comic to pick up. You can read that particular column here. Inspired by conspiracy television shows such as Ancient Aliens, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Destination Truth, Hoax Hunters turns the genre on its head as the comic book’s protagonists attempt to disprove life’s oddities in front of the camera –while covering up dark mysteries behind it. Writers Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley and artist JM Ringuet were kind enough to talk to Andy Burns and JP Fallavollita via email about the series, the creative process, monsters, cryptoids, television and much, much more.

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Monsters, Aliens & Conspiracy Theories Debunked! It’s No Hoax That Today, You Must Make The Wednesday Run – March 21, 2012

Although some might consider me a relative newcomer to the niche, I’m a big fan of late-night conspiracy radio programs. I’ve been avidly listening to them on a regular basis for nearly fifteen years now. In fact, I’m listening to Coast to Coast as I write this piece. You see, a number of years ago, I was undergoing a bout of insomnia and nothing could fix the problem: not music, not fresh air, not evening exercise and not late-night snacking. The only thing that really came close to helping me get the shut-eye I needed was watching Oliver Stone’s JFK in the wee hours of the morning. Which was, looking back, a bit of a tip-off.

I’m also a fan of television shows like Ancient Aliens, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Mythbusters. Really, it was only a matter of time before some astute writer/artist tandem would merge the conspiracy story-telling industry into a fully-fledged comic book storyline.

Well, that time is now. And that comic book is Hoax Hunters.

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March Madness: TV Conspiracy Theory – The Last Five Minutes of St. Elsewhere

“The last five minutes of St. Elsewhere is the only television show, ever. Everything else is a daydream.”

Tommy Westphall (courtesy St. Elsewhere)

So explains the late, great, comic and animation creator Dwayne McDuffie, introducing one of the great television conspiracies of all time. But who is Tommy Westphall, and why does he turn almost all of television into a single, overarching conspiracy theory?

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Illuminatus! Trilogy: “They” with a capital “T”

You probably hear the word thrown out offhandedly; maybe you played a board game when you were in high school; maybe you listen to the wrong radio stations. Maybe it just got shouted down the bar from you the other night in the middle of a heated political discussion after someone’s fifth cheap whisky.

Why is there an eye on a pyramid on the American dollar bill?

Who killed Marilyn Monroe?

What is “Fnord”?

Wait, forget that last one.

What are the dolphins up to?

Why does nobody talk about George Washington’s past as a hemp farmer?

What is the connection between Atlantis and the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”?

Who are the Illuminati?

And finally… what is the significance of the number five in so many suspicious places?

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The Truth and the Conspiracy were out there – looking back at the final episode of The X-Files

One of the main reasons I like Netflix here in Canada is that you can catch up on a lot of your favourite television shows from days gone by, especially those shows you’re just not willing to pay for on DVD.

If you’re like me, one of those shows is The X-Files.

From 1993 until 2002 and over the course of nine seasons and 202 episodes, The X-Files became a cultural phenomenon that, along with The Simpsons, helped secure the fledgling Fox Network as a major player in the ever-expanding cable television universe.

In the spirit of Biff Bam Pop’s “Conspiracy Week,” I recently caught up with old friends Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) over the two-hour series finale, “The Truth,” originally aired on Sunday, May 19th, 2002.  Creator Chris Carter  wrote the two-hour event, wrapping up the series in an exposition-heavy clip show that laid out the conspiracy behind UFOs, alien abductions and their connection to the U.S. government.

If you ever wanted to believe but were never really sure of what was going on, today’s look at “The Truth” will set your mind free.

Or burden it with a whole lot of frustrating questions.

Fair warning: set your spoiler-sensors to full from here on.

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