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The X-Files: Season 4

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“The X-Files” is returning to FOX on January 24, 2016. Join Mieke Zamora-Mackay as she recaps each season for this popular TV show in preparation for the arrival of “The X-Files” Season 10.  In this post she recaps season four.

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It’s No Myth: Hoax Hunters Issue 1 Is A Great Read

I was out with a good friend of mine the other night, who got to talking about one of his co-workers who he labeled a right-wing conspiracy nut.

“This guy talks about UFOs and the Illuminati, all that stuff,” my friend told me. I smiled at him.

“Hey man, I listen to conspiracy theory radio everyday at work. Don’t get me started on the moon landing.” My buddy gave me a once over and started laughing.

“I didn’t know that about you!”

Yup, I love me a good conspiracy. Makes sense then, that I loved the first issue of Hoax Hunters, the new Image comic from Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley.
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Monsters, Aliens & Conspiracy Theories Debunked! It’s No Hoax That Today, You Must Make The Wednesday Run – March 21, 2012

Although some might consider me a relative newcomer to the niche, I’m a big fan of late-night conspiracy radio programs. I’ve been avidly listening to them on a regular basis for nearly fifteen years now. In fact, I’m listening to Coast to Coast as I write this piece. You see, a number of years ago, I was undergoing a bout of insomnia and nothing could fix the problem: not music, not fresh air, not evening exercise and not late-night snacking. The only thing that really came close to helping me get the shut-eye I needed was watching Oliver Stone’s JFK in the wee hours of the morning. Which was, looking back, a bit of a tip-off.

I’m also a fan of television shows like Ancient Aliens, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Mythbusters. Really, it was only a matter of time before some astute writer/artist tandem would merge the conspiracy story-telling industry into a fully-fledged comic book storyline.

Well, that time is now. And that comic book is Hoax Hunters.

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Illuminatus! Trilogy: “They” with a capital “T”

You probably hear the word thrown out offhandedly; maybe you played a board game when you were in high school; maybe you listen to the wrong radio stations. Maybe it just got shouted down the bar from you the other night in the middle of a heated political discussion after someone’s fifth cheap whisky.

Why is there an eye on a pyramid on the American dollar bill?

Who killed Marilyn Monroe?

What is “Fnord”?

Wait, forget that last one.

What are the dolphins up to?

Why does nobody talk about George Washington’s past as a hemp farmer?

What is the connection between Atlantis and the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”?

Who are the Illuminati?

And finally… what is the significance of the number five in so many suspicious places?

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Take The Red Pill – The Matrix Conspiracy

I submit, for your conspiracy consideration, The Matrix – one of my all time favourite mind-blowing conspiracies. Now, I’ll admit that movie enthusiasts and college professors have ruined the metaphorical subtly of the franchise (and the third film didn’t help) but I firmly propose that The Matrix is one of the best examples of this week’s Biff Bam Pop theme… because EVERYTHING is a big fat conspiracy.

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