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It Floats Back To You: The Love Boat Chronicles, Episodes 21 & 22


In 1977, when other kids were discovering The Sex Pistols, I was discovering The Love Boat. I stayed at my grandparents’ house on most weekends, so on Saturday nights at 8 p.m., I’d settle down on the sofa with the two of them to watch Aaron Spelling’s marine masterpiece. This column is my attempt to reclaim the wonder of those weekends.

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The Walking Dead S06 E08: Start to Finish


What a way to serve up the mid-season finale! The Wall is down and Ron is hunting for Carl. On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we were served a big slice of happy thoughts when Glenn crawled out from under that dumpster. Yes, my little zombie snacks, Glenn is alive but, as usual, our joy was short lived. How will Team Rick survive this latest setback? Who will die on this episode? It better not be baby Judith. Read the rest of this entry

The Make Mine Magic Podcast: The Good Dinosaur


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents The Make Mine Magic Podcast, featuring Jennifer Walker and Glenn Walker talking about Disney, parks, movies, travel advice, characters, games, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Studio Ghibli, etc., if it’s Disney, it’s fair game! See and hear more after the jump.

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Doctor Who S09 E11: Heaven Sent


With Clara Oswald presumed dead (don’t count your chickens, or ravens, and all that), and The Doctor captured and sold to a mysterious enemy, then teleported away, things are not looking good for the multi-part end of a “Doctor Who” season that has been almost all cliffhangers. With this episode, we may be looking at the biggest one yet. Meet me after the time and space jump for my thoughts on “Heaven Sent.”

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The Hunger Games holds strong at the box office + Creed micro review

It was a very strong holiday weekend for holdovers and new comers alike at the box office. Here’s what went down:


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 held on to the top spot for the second weekend in a row, bringing in an estimated $50.3 million over the three-day weekend. It’s total now stands at $197.1 million which, while behind the first Mockingjay, is still an outstanding number.

Opening in second place was the Disney-Pixar film The Good Dinosaur, which brought an estimated $39.5 million. Though not as high as some other Pixar films, clearly this was the pick for families over the long weekend.

Debuting in third place with $28.7 million was the critically acclaimed seventh film in the Rocky franchise, Creed, with Michael B. Jordan playing the role of Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis and Sylvester Stallone returning as Rocky Balboa in a Mickey-type role. I had the chance to see Creed Saturday night and it was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best films I’ve seen this year. Director and co-writer Ryan Coogler walked into the franchise as a die-hard fan of the previous films, and worked hard to get Stallone onboard for a film he would neither writer nor direct. Coogler nails everything that matters about Rocky – the heart, determination and the soul of men trying to find purpose – and delivers a superior movie. Jordan is outstanding and carries the film, though many with rogue that Stallone is an absolutely revelation. Rocky Balboa has always brought the best in Stallone and he simply delivers a heartfelt, moving performance. There’s talk of an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor and in my mind, Stallone absolutely deserves one. You can walk in blind to Creed and still get so much out of it. Highly recommended, and it’s great to see audiences responding to the film by turning out. Read the rest of this entry

The Official Popshifter Podcast: Texas Gators, Violent Pornography, and Tales from the Pit


Biff Bam Pop! presents The Official Popshifter Podcast, featuring Popshifter Managing Editor Less Lee Moore and Featured Contributor Jeffery X Martin.

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The GAR! Podcast: Talking Comics, with Special Guest Amy Hollinger


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents The GAR! Podcast, the Glenn Walker and Ray Cornwall weekly podcast where they talk unrehearsed about whatever happens to come to mind. It’s an audio-zine for your mind, a nerd exploration of a nerd world, coming to you from across the vastness of suburban New Jersey via Skype.

This week, we’re joined by current President of the South Jersey Writers’ Group, Amy Hollinger, to talk about comics, the New Jersey Comic Expo, and the many faces of Thor, along with all the usual stuff. See and hear more after the jump.

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The Audacious Eleven Podcast: Thanksgiving Traditions


The Biff Bam Pop! Podcast Network presents The Audacious Eleven Podcast, featuring Wendy Sheridan, Mary McGinley, Donna Juzva, and Biff Bam Pop’s own Robin Renee.

Audacious Eleven is a reality podcast that ventures from Pagan spirituality and life empowerment to technology, entrepreneurship, love, sex, and fandom.

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Less Lee Moore On… Black Christmas


Each week, one of Biff Bam Pop’s illustrious writers will delve into one of their favorite things. Perhaps it’s a movie or album they’ve carried with them for years. Maybe it’s something new that moved them and they think might move you too. Each week, a new subject, a new voice writing on… something they love.

As far as Black Christmas fans go, I’ll admit I’m something of a noob. After watching clips of the film on a Halloween horror TV special, I was too scared to watch the whole thing! But once I did, it quickly became one of my favorite slasher films. Although it was made in the early 1970s, it still feels as creepy now as it did the first time I saw it. A big part of this is due to the believable acting from the women in the film, including Canadian icon Lynne Griffin as Clare Harrison. Although she has few lines of dialogue, her appearance in Black Christmas is significant for other reasons, as anyone who’s a fan of the film will understand.

In honor of Anchor Bay’s new “Season’s Grievings” edition of Black Christmas, we chatted with Ms. Griffin about her role in the film. Be sure to look for the upcoming Biff Bam Popcast about the film that includes a roundtable discussion with Lynne Griffin, Nick Mancuso (the voice of “Billy”), and Doug McGrath (Sergeant Nash).

Despite being in lynne-griffin-in-black-Christmasa few iconic horror films, you’ve said you don’t care for the gore and violence of many current horror films. Are there any more recent psychological horror type films that you do enjoy?
I like films that spoof horror, like the films of April Mullen. I was in a film of hers called 88 and her vision is terrific. I do think David Cronenberg is a genius. My favourite horror viewing at the moment is every season of American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful. Read the rest of this entry

The Good Dinosaur, Creed debut in theaters this weekend and look for box office success

It’s the Thanksgiving long weekend in the U.S., which typically means big time bucks for movie theaters. This year should prove to be no exception. Will it be a new movie or a holdover from last week that will reign at the top of the box office? Here’s our predictions:

New this weekend is The Good Dinosaur, from Disney and Pixar. With credentials like that, you know that this is going to be the choice for families celebrating the holiday weekend, even if reviews have been calling the film good but not great. Look for a first place showing for The Good Dinosaur with $60 million.

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