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Stop-Motion Animation Retrospective: King Kong and The Adventures of Prince Achmed


The TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto’s foremost review cinema house, is putting on an extensive stop-motion animation retrospective for the public over the next few months. Titled ‘Magic Motion: The Art of Stop-Motion Animation,’ the first screenings are set to take place this weekend. Two of the initial weekend screenings, King Kong (1933) and The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926), are particularly noteworthy features in the development of cinema. Both films laid an early blueprint for the future of action-adventure motion pictures. Read the rest of this entry


Villains & Monsters Week – JP Fallavollita Walks With The Ghost Of Jack The Ripper

Literally one decade ago, shortly after the collapse of the World Trade Centre towers in Manhattan and amidst the backdrop of the mailing of anthrax-laced letters throughout the United States, my good friend Andy B (Biff Bam Pop’s resident Editor-In-Chief) and I decided to take a cheap flight to England and backpack that fair country, visiting the many historic haunts the country had to offer.

Some of those locales, we discovered, were more haunting than others.

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Villains and Monsters Week – Dexter: Hero Or Villain?

Sometimes, there’s a very fine line between good and bad.  These days, the hero doesn’t necessarily wear white and the villain isn’t always the guy in the black cape.

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Villains & Monsters Week: J.W. Ward has 5 reasons why Freddy Krueger is the greatest horror movie villain ever

When it comes to horror, there’s one guy that’s tops in my book.

Sure, he’s ugly.  He’s a killer.  He’s got bad taste in gloves and a worse taste in sweaters.  He lives in your dreams and thrives in your nightmares.

But he’s just so much damn fun.

Since his debut in Wes Craven’s 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street and over the course of nine films in 27 years, Freddy Krueger has become the greatest of the supernatural slashers.

Yes, I mean he’s better than Jason.  More mighty than Michael Myers.  More evil than Ghostface and more crafty than Jigsaw.

Don’t believe me?  Here are five reasons why Freddy Krueger is the greatest horror movie villain of all: Read the rest of this entry

Villains & Monsters Week – Scott Guest’s Favourite Horror Film Scores

With the Halloween season upon us, I’ve been asked to remind our loyal followers of some of the great movie themes from horror films.  So without further ado, here are some themes to put you in the Halloween spirit:

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Villains & Monsters Week: Andy Burns On Rob Zombies’ Greatest Creation

When it came to my faovurite monster of villain, my first thought was Dracula. I grew up watching the old Universal Bela Lugosi flicks, moving on to the Hammer films with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee later on. I’ve had a thing for vampires as long as I can remember. But upon deeper thought, it occurred to me that my favourite monsters aren’t the ones that I go back to regularly. Instead, they’re the ones that I tend to not see so often, except for special occassions. Sort of like family.

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Villains & Monsters Week – My Favourite Horror Villain: Ian Rogers on why he doesn’t go into the woods at night

Over the years we’ve seen all manner of movie monsters grace the silver screen. But when it comes to picking a personal favourite, I had to go with one you didn’t actually see.

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Villains & Monsters Week: Win A Free Copy Of Hellraiser Volume 1!

Alright, Biff Bam Poppers! It’s Villains & Monsters Week here on the site, and in honour of all the legendary bad guys we’re celebrating, we’ve got a hell of a good giveaway for you.

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Everyone Loves To Hate The Bad Guy−Villains & Monsters Week Starts Here!

Villainy! Ah, yes, villainy!

The requisite dress attire of a villain: the black cape, the walking cane, the high-top hat, the mask, the monocle and the twirling moustache. All darkish elements, amended, abridged and transformed for differing eras, no? The scoundrel from the old silent movie era traded in curling, long, waxy hair above his upper lip for the shaggy and wild back hair of the werewolf creature. The cylinder hat of the early twentieth century rogue was reimagined as Darth Vader’s mask in a galaxy far, far away.

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