Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 3

One shopping day left until the Christmas holiday – and I bet you’ll be heading out near a comic book or bookstore today!

Then, of course, it’s Boxing Day, where so many of the sales on books, comics and pop culture items kick it!

But don’t be fooled – there’s plenty of stores that have kicked off their end-of-year sales week already. And since you’re about to head on out amongst the masses to check off the final items in your holiday shopping list, here’s our third and final installment (4th when we include E.A. Henson’s comic book collections great to give as gifts piece) of all the great comics out there right now!

Here’s where you can find our Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 1, which is full of great, but expensive collections. Here’s where you can find our Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Comic Book Collections Part 2, which is fill of fantastic mid-range priced items.

Here then is our final installment, full of outstanding comic book collections at the lower end of the price spectrum – perfect for friends and family that love our favourite pop culture medium!


We’re big fans of writer/artist Jeff Lemire over here at Biff Bam Pop! He’s a fellow Canuck, for starters, and re writes and draws absolutely engrossing character pieces, regardless of his choice of genre. And he’s genre is whatever he wants it to be: science fiction, fantasy…or slice of life, small town, always very human, dramas. And that’s what Roughneck is.

Roughneck is the story of an ex-hockey player, whose career is distantly in the rear-view mirror. But there’s lots of scraping left to do in Derek Oulette’s life now that he’s back in his home ton, drinking hard and trying to help his sister Beth out of an abusive relationship.

This is Jeff Lemire at his best and you can find the 272-page Roughneck hardcover at better comic book shops, bookstores and Amazon for about $20.

The Black Monday Murders Vol. 1

“All hail God Mammon!”

Jeez, that’s how The Black Monday Murders starts – the ongoing series from fan favourite writer, Jonathan Hickman, and outstanding illustrator, Tomm Coker. This is the story of horror, magic, politics, power and money… and what those that would control the world would do with all of things. Do you want to find out who really runs the Federal Reserve? Do you know who caused the stock market’s greatest crashes? From bankers to world conglomerate CEO’s, to tenured University Professors of Economics, to the F.B.I., to hell spawn demons, it’s all here in the The Black Monday Murders Vol. 1, one of the most interesting and enthralling comic book stories you’ll read!

You can find the softcover compilation of the first volume at your local comic book shop, or bookstore or at Amazon for a very affordable $14.

Seven To Eternity Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

From political and economic horror to science fictional and high fantasy, that’s what Seven To Eternity is!

Written by Rick Remender and lavishly illustrated by Jerome Opena, this is the story of a disgraced house and the last man who is willing to stand up for what’s good against the God of Whispers – the depot ruler of his world! And standing up for what’s right, can be so, so hard, when your ruler offers you everything you could ever want!

In the vein of old-school world-creating fantasy – something out of an Arthur Conan Doyle Barsoom story – Seven To Eternity is a wonderful morality tale, full of wondrous places and strange folk, mixing warriors and rebels, swords and shields, with magic and high-tech weaponry.

You can find Volumes 1 and 2 in trade paperback form at your local comic book shop, bookstore or an Amazon for around $8.

Black Hammer Vol. 1: Secret Origins

Writer Jeff Lemire makes our list again, this time joined with artist Deam Ormstrom! This time with his ongoing monthly series, Black Hammer!

This is the tale of your greatest superheroes: Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Madame Dragonfly and Barbalien, who battled their arch enemy one day…and the next found themselves trapped in an idyllic town in the county, unable to get back to their home base of Spiral City. It’s a strange purgatory, where each of the heroes must wrestle with the mystery of how they find themselves trapped, how they might escape, and how they might deal with the fraying ties of their partnership!

You can find Black Hammer Vol. 1 in softcover at your local comic book shop, bookstore or on Amazon for a decent $11.

DC Super Heroes Colors, Shapes & More

Won’t someone think of the children? Well, we will! The holiday season is really for them, isn’t it?

Although your little boy or girl might not be old enough to read a comic book just yet, you can still introduce them to some of the world’s greatest comic book characters… and have them learn at the same time!

Publisher Downtown Books has released a number of learning-based hardback board books, where every page is hard so it can’t be creased, for kids anywhere from birth to two years of age – featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and all of the greatest DC heroes! Let’s face it, as much as these books are for kids, they’re also for the pop culture loving parents of those kids!

You can find these books with such titles as DC Superheroes Colors, Shapes and More; DC Superheroes ABC, 123Opposites; and Even Superheroes Sleep. There’s something for every child. And parent! Look for them at better comic book shops, bookstores and at Amazon for about $8. I’ve also seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond, if you’re heading that way.

Good luck and great giving this holiday season!

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