Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Comic Book Collections Part 3

Our Holiday Gift Guide to Comic Book Collections – Part 3 is finally here!


Are you still looking for that perfect comic book-related gift for the loved one in your life? Are you looking to spend a pretty penny of your hard-earned money on them?

Fear not! We’ve got you covered!


Now, you may have already perused part one of our gift guide list containing non-expensive 2018 collections that every comic fan should have in their collection. And you may have also scoured part two of that gift guide, covering a more intermediate-priced ensemble of books as well.


For those with some deeper pockets, today, we kick I up a notch. Or two. Or three. Regular Biff Bam Pop!contributor, E.A. Henson already gave an account of expensively-priced comic book collections – specially the DC Comics Absolute Editions. You can read that entry right here. Here’s a list of a few more for you to ponder as gifts this year:


The Prisoner Art Edition Jack Kirby Gil Kane Titan ComicsThe Prisoner – Jack Kirby & Gil Kane Art Edition

One of my favourite television shows was The Prisoner. Produced in the late 1960’s it has since gone on to become a cult-classic and must-see viewing for any student of pop culture, spy-story, cold-war, philosophical symbolism. We love it here at Biff Bam Pop!

The show starred Patrick McGoohan in a series that asked: what happens to cold-war spies when they want to retire? And, amongst many, an even larger question: do any of us have free will?


The Prisoner was made into a comic book tale by industry legends Jack Kirby and Gil Kane, but it was never published. Considered long lost, Titan Comics got around to collecting and scanning the original Kirby artwork and have now published them in actual size! This isn’t just a hardcover comic for Prisoner fans – no, this book is an art piece that speaks to the design mastery that was King Kirby! It’s a brilliant book for the loved one in your life!


Highly recommended, you can find The Prisoner – Jack Kirby & Gil Kane Art Edition at better comic book and bookstores or via Amazon for about $47.


Batman By Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol 1 DC ComicsBatman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1

This hardcover omnibus book comprises one of the greatest – and strangest – Batman story runs to have ever been published! You’d expect nothing less from writer Grant Morrison, of course!


Over twenty-seven issues of the monthly Batman series, including specials and one-offs, Batman is put through the most harrowing of challenges. Not only must he accept his own impulsive son, Damian, as his new sidekick, but he must also overcome challenges from a litany of villains, new and old, including: Ra’s Al Ghul, the Joker, and the mysterious Black Glove and Doctor Hurt. Hell, Batman must rise from his own death in the famous Batman: R.I.P. storyline contained within these pages! Never before have I seen more online speculation and interest in a comic book storyline than I did for Batman R.I.P.! Its truly one that has to be read to be believed!


If someone you know loves Batman comics – they need to give the Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1 a read. At 672-pages long, you can find Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1 at your local comic book shop or bookstore or on Amazon for about $47.


Silver Surfer by Slott and Allred Omnibus Marvel ComicsSilver Surfer by Slott & Allred Omnibus

Look, I’m not one to cry while reading a comic book, but the monthly Silver Surfer series by the acclaimed team of Dan Slott and Michael Allred had me weeping on more than one occasion. That’s how moving their story was.


The Silver Surfer by Slott & Allred Omnibusis a 688-page hardcover compilation of science fiction and space-wheeling adventure that has two very human characters at the heart of its story. Best of all, its absolutely fun and can be enjoyed by readers of any age! You’ll visit far-flung Marvel Universe locales and encounter strange beings – from Jumbonox the Giganormous to the Never Queen, Shuma-Gorath…and, of course, even Galactus himself!


This collection comprise both volumes of the monthly Silver Surfer series that Slott and Allred worked on – that’s about 30 issues of a long and winding tale that ends in tears and love. It’s really something you, or a close friend or family member need to read. You can find the Silver Surfer by Slott & Allred Omnibus at your local comic book shop or book store or via Amazon for about $66.


The Absolute Sandman Overture Neil Gaiman J.H. Williams III DC ComicsAbsolute Sandman Overture

I have to say, that there has never been a more beautiful book than the Absolute Sandman Overture.Never.


Written as a prequel to his acclaimed and award-winning monthly Sandman series from DC Comics, Neil Gaiman doesn’t ask readers to be familiar with that world to enjoy the Absolute Sandman Overture story. If you read the original tales, this is a welcomed return to those characters. If you’re new – you are in for a very wonderful surprise!


This 416-page slipcased hardcover collects the six-issue Overture miniseries…and looks handsome on the bookshelf when standing next to all the other Absolute Sandman editions! The story, of course, is outstanding, but it’s the fantastical work of J.H. Williams, an artist using all of his powers that is the real standout here. He makes Gaiman’s words and visions seem like a dream the at the reader is having – and he stretches the envelop of what the comic book storytelling medium can visually accomplish. It’s truly unlike anything you’ve seen before!


If you’re looking to give a comic book gift of fantasy and high art, the Absolute Sandman Overture is that gift to give.

You can find it at comic book shops and bookstores and on Amazon for about $97.

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